<ARRIVED> [27 Attending (21 Confirmed), 2 Standby, FULL] {Sponsored by Plane and Pilot Events, Southwest Virtual, & Tailwinds Flying Club} Aloha Southwest Airlines @KOAK 171810ZMAR19

Aloha Southwest Airlines

Hello IFC!

As you know, Southwest Airlines will be inaugurating commercial service to Hawaii starting from their base at KOAK. And that is where we will be heading to, specifically their capital. :D

This is not a flyout.

Event Details

Server: Expert
Airport: KOAK
When Sunday, March 17, 2019 6:10 PM
Departure: KOAK
Arrival: PHNL
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Livery: Canyon Blue/Heart
NOTAM: Please spawn at latest 15 minutes prior to event start. If ATC is included, follow all instructions. If ATC is not included, please use Unicom wisely. Also, maintain proper spacing. Cruise altitude and speed will be announced on the event date. We will be following the real world Southwest flight 6808.
Also, be mindful of Daylight Savings Time, so we spring forward. Don’t get confused by the Zulu time.



Want to read more about Hawaii service?

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Gate User Status
Gate 3 @Cpt_elpuru
Gate 4 @Mtw57 Checked In (P11)
Gate 5 @Airbus_737 Checked In (P4)
Gate 6 @Lucas_Piedra Checked In (P13)
Gate 20 @DrHitshot
Gate 21 @Luke_Sta Checked In (P7)
Gate 22 @Niccckk Checked In (P10)
Gate 23 @JeromeJ Checked In (P3)
Gate 24 @HadenJohnson Checked In (P16)
Gate 25 @marquise_carter
Gate 26 @CaptJackson Checked In (P2)
Gate 27 @baseball_inferno Checked In (P5)
Gate 28 @AviationJack Checked In (P6)
Gate 29 @Plane-Train-TV Checked In (P8)
Gate 30 @den.aviation Checked In (P14)
Gate 31 @Bo_Page_m8
Gate 32 @BigBert10 Checked In (P1)
Remote 01 @zand3r Checked In (P12)
Remote 02 @Marco_Rdz Checked In (P17)
Remote 03 @Kian_Abbasi Checked In (P15)
Remote 04 @PlaneCrazy Checked In (P9)
Remote 05 @Nicholas_Manganiotis
Remote 06 @ZB1423 Checked In (P18)
Remote 07 @jackdel13
Remote 08 @Devon_Mo_piedmont114 Checked In (P19)
Remote 09 @Gabe_Z Checked In (P20)
Remote 10 @Jack_BC Checked In (P21)



The event is full?

Not to worry, because the standby list will give you a chance to be able to participate in the event.

Just give us your info and you will be put on the standby list.

Standby List:

  1. @Lucas_Piedra (CONFIRMED: Remote 02)
  2. @den.aviation (CONFIRMED: Remote 01)
  3. @Luke_Sta (CONFIRMED: Gate 21)
  4. @Michael_Czyz ()
  5. @Joseph007

Hope you can all join and celebrate this inaugural Southwest flight to Hawaii with me! :D


Sponsored by Plane & Pilot Events

More Info

This event has received a sponsorship from Plane & Pilot Events and will be advertised on the Plane & Pilot Slack and receive P&P ATC if it is on the training server. if you have any questions about Plane & Pilot sponsorships, please contact @PlaneCrazy or @Peter_S.


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Gosh dang it! It’s on a Sunday, and I work that day :(

Sign me up

Just a question : how long would an average Southwest flight be from Oakland to Honolulu?

Sign me up I’m in

Since Alaska also flies a 737 on the route, you’re aiming for about 5:30-5:50 of flight time.

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I would like to sign up! For a gate next to you and my callsign as SWA32! I will use the 738 Heart! See you there

I would attend but this event is 20 mins before the KSJC event
Can the time be changed?

Sign me up.

I’ll have Gate 23 please

I’ll take a gate

@Cpt_elpuru, @Mtw57, @GlobalFlyer1, @DrHitshot, @AviationJack, and @JeromeJ, you are all signed up! :D

Thanks for coming and see you there! :D


I would change the time, but I want to try and mimic as closely as possible to the real world flight

I would not sabotage an event at my home airport but this has to be an exception. It is the inaugural flight.

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Even if it happened to be KSFO??

Jk, keeping the time realistic makes it more fun

If it was at KSFO, I would be happy to sabotage it XD

But yea, I want to keep it realistic


I take Gate 22. In between @JeromeJ and @AviationJack. 👍

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You are now signed up! :D

See you there and thanks for coming! :D

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This event is now on the Southwest Virtual event schedule! :D



It has come to my attention that my event will be contradicting the following events:

Made by @Niccckk

Made by @Dylan_M

Before signing up for this event, please be mindful of the other events around this time. I am shooting for realism, so that is why it is at an unusual time and during other events.

Now, I don’t usually like to contradict events at my home airport, but this is an exception.


I was about to sign up but then I realized I’m in the SJC event. Well anyways you can put me on the Standby List. HAVE to rock the Canyon Blue tho ;-;