Arrived!!(17 attending) {Sponsored by Plane&Pilot} Infinite Flight Spain with IFHA: Spain-Hungary connection @LEMD 181700ZAUG19

Gate 377 for you @Kevin_Serrano

I want a gate please with Wizz A320


Gate T9 for you @Jesus_Manuel

I want a gate “A320 Wizz Air”


A321 Wizzair, also could you give me gate please ty!


Gate T10 for you sir

You are on T11 sir

Thank you very much! I’ll see you on the event!

Profile will show with Instagram name parazilxl, just to let you know it’s me 😉

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Could I still get a gate for a Ryanair 737?

Of course, let me add more gates, you will take the first remote stand, thanks for joining

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I want a gate, Iberia A321

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Gate 378 for you mate

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One gate please iberia A321

Can I be ATC?

A320 Wizz Air please

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Yes sir, 376 is yours

Remote Stand 30 is yours

No sorry, we are currently searching expert ATC’s and VOs for promoting

Would you like a gate?

Plane & Pilot are sponsoring our event!!

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