Arrived!!(17 attending) {Sponsored by Plane&Pilot} Infinite Flight Spain with IFHA: Spain-Hungary connection @LEMD 181700ZAUG19

Infinite Flight Spain is happy to announce our first event in collaboration with IFHA. The event will take place on 18th August at 1700Z. We will be departing from LEMD (Madrid-Barajas Airport) and arriving at LHBP (Budapest).

For booking a gate you will need to answer in the thread below choosing an available gate and the plane you will be using:

Boeing 737 Ryanair (Terminal 1)
Airbus 320/321 WizzAir (Terminal 1)
Airbus 321 Iberia (Terminal 4)

Spawn in 15 minutes before the start of the event.

We will have ATC service thanks to Plane&Pilot.

Flight plan will be posted 1 hour before the event

Server: Training

Airport: LEMD

Time: 1700Z

Flight time: 3hr5mn

NOTAM: Cruising altitude: FL350. *Speed: M.78

Available gates:

Terminal 1

T4: @Enrique_Fernandez (WizzAir)
T5: @Jaimexerez2000 (Ryanair)
T6: @InfiniteFlight_World (Ryanair)
T7: @Imyash_Sharma (Ryanair)
T8: @Cp.Carlos (WizzAir)
T9: @Jesus_Manuel (WizzAir)
T10: @IF_Fan_Look (WizzAir)
T11: @Denis_Ertenov_Isufov (WizzAir)
T12: @Pablo_Torrescasana_D (WizzAir)

Remote stands

RS 45: @IF515 (Ryanair)
RS 30: @HalfFastGamer (WizzAir)
RS 31: @Abudy (WizzAir)
RS 32: @ifworldwide101
RS 33: @204owen (Ryanair)
RS 34: @Aaron15hd_ACE (WizzAir)

Terminal 2: @Toast

Terminal 4

378: @B6TWUFA
377: @Kevin_Serrano
376: @Hans_Bied
374: @ChrisToxz
380: @Ivan_Velazquez_Abuna
382: @CarJoseYT-Spain-IFHA

20190509_204439 | 20190509_204401 | 20190509_204418 | 20190509_204510


I want a gate please
Wizz A321


I want a gate
A321 Iberia

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I want a gate with ryanair


Gate T4 is yours @Enrique_Fernandez

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Gate T5 for you @Jaimexerez2000

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Gate 378 for your a321 @Pablo_Torrescasana_D

Thank you 😊😊

I want a gate
Ryanair 737


I have a casual server may i play the event also

I want a gate with ryanair

I will like to do it as m also a lover of infinte flight as acc to existing one…

But never ever done events

I ve waited many years fir subscription today i have bought by my own cash…


I’m happy to hear you have reached your goal on buying a subscription. Unfortunately our event will be done only on training server. If you fly a lot during this week you will reach to fly training server before the event, although I will give you a gate and hopefully you get to fly with us. Thanks!

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Gate T6 is yours

Ok sure is there any option captain that u edit the event and add my server also please because for grade 2 I have done just 12 landings and it needs 25

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No, only training server but you can do more landings to reach grade 2. You can do touch and go

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Ok pilot I 'll be there in event 😁

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I want a gate.Iberia A321 Terminal 4

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I want a gate

A320 WizzAir


Gate T8 is yours @Cp.Carlos