Arrive time changing rapidly

why did the ete go down by 10 minutes straight away and went into a steep descent when i got to a certain waypoints

Either the winds changed or it’s because you have a higher ground speed as a result of your faster decent


it’s never happened before lool

Are you using VNAV? Or another third-party app (like IF Assistant) for your descent?

It’s likely that because of your steep descent, your groundspeed increased and so your expected time to destination would’ve been cut down. Be careful not to overspeed though!

Another possible factor is a sudden and dramatic wind change. This can happen when the weather updates itself all of a sudden from the servers.

i’m only using vnav

If you are only using VNAV it is possibly because the altitude differences are too high for a too short distance. You will have a lower vertical speed if you are flying slower because you have more time to reach the altitude then. Or you remove certain altitudes in you STAR if you see that they would be too steep.

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