Arrivals with ATC on Expert

can someone experienced please explain a few questions I have on the arrival procedures when ATC when App is active:

  • Is there anything written down the desired altitude and waypoint for each airport when entering the radar control zone, perhaps some kind of approach plates? I’m aware of STARS but I don’t think the real world documents translates well into infinite flight?

  • At what point to do I contact and “check in” or request the ILS approach with the APP controller? Do I wait for him to ask me to join frequency?

  • When I “check in” and get a “roger” in return, I assume I just carry on with my flight planned route until told otherwise?


When an approach controller is online I usually contact them about 60-70 miles out which is around when I’d start my decent anyway. If its very busy I try to contact them earlier tho so I don’t ruin their vectoring. When you’re landing at an airport you will request the ILS approach and select the runway that you planned to land on (you may or may not get that runway).


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I usually contact the approach controller when I’m passing through FL180, that’s usually 65-80 nm out from the airport on my flight plan, the controller takes it from there. Just follow their instructions and you’ll be fine.

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I usually contact approach when I see the frequency become available in the list of frequencies.

  1. Regions are quite small with tight boundaries at the moment,which makes it a Herculean task to follow real life procedures with the swarming amount of traffic. Maybe this will be looked into at a point in future. So,you are right. It’s doesn’t translate well.
    2)You can contact an approach controller 65 miles out at FL190-210 unless someone is higher and needs to descend faster.The approach controller might notice that you are in range and could give u a guard as well. It’s just an advisory that now u should be contacting the controller. Another crucial part to be noticed and not to be missed,is the speed of your aircraft at that point. If the destination airport is fairly free,you do not need to worry much about speed.(speed restrictions still apply). But when it’s busy,it’s advisable to contact an approach controller at 270-285 IAS.
  2. Yes,you keep descending and wait for the next instruction. Like we say,frequency could be busy so we expect a bit of patience. Also it’s pilots duty to see and study the airspace and the way inbounds are sequenced in. That way if they regulate themselves 1%,as soon as we get free from other traffic,we will help you with the remaining 99% to reach your destination safely in time.



Spent a hour on and off typing a nice paragraph for each point… plus supporting referendums. Jeebs beat me to it. All hail him! ;-;

Basically… what he said. ^^


Thank you very much. Really appreciate it. People
moan on this form a lot about grade 3 pilots like me. When really, majority of the time we aren’t being disobedient to the rules, we just lack the knowledge. Posts like this help massively. Thanks again.

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