Arrivals in the second most livable city in the world!


Multiple Aircraft Used


Melbourne International

CargoLux 747-8 arrives from Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport

Flight Time: 10h 40m

Aircraft Cargo: 4 LIVE lions. Shipping from eBay. Household items etc…

Virgin Australia 777-300er arrives after a flight from LAX

Flight time: 14h 34m

TigerAir A319 Arrives after an hour and a half flight from sydney.

Flight Time: 1h 35m

A Qantas 737-800 Arrives after a three hour flight from hamilton island

Flight time: 3h 2m

Qantas 787-9 Arrives from Los Angeles

Flight Time: 14h 24m

A QantasLink Q-400 Dash 8 lands after a flight from hobart

Flight time: 43m

QantasLink 717 Arrives from Canberra

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Nice! I flew to Melbourne the other day and the approach was stunning

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I Live in melbourne I’m spotting all the time there

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Very cool view.

What’s the first livable city? 😂


Thank you! This is where I go in real life!

Great job! They are extremely backlit, it’s kinda hard to see the planes, recommendation: change the time so the sun is shining on the side of the plane you’re on.

Adding on to @Butter_Boi, change positions for each shot so we’re not looking at the same pictures, aside from the different planes. We’re not only interested in the plane but also at the shot itself.

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Great pictures!

I think it is Vienna

😂 Had a good laugh here!

Great pictures as well, thanks for sharing!