Arrivals, Departures, and Night Shots | CYYZ Spotting September 1st & 2nd, 2019

Hello IFC! This is just a hodge-podge of photos taken at YYZ over a 2 day period.

Shot on D7500 and Tamron 100-400 + Tamron 45

After arriving from YVR, I decided to head over and spot El Al for the first time. Recently this route has been changed to a 788 which sucks because all the specials are on the 9.

That night, I decided to try some night shots with my new f/1.8 lens. It went alright, I guess.

This one turned out a little better.

The next morning, I set out to catch Emirates and Korean, two aircraft I had never caught on arrival before because it would mean I would have to leave my house by 5:30 am which I don’t want to do.

Heavy edit on this one.

Not so heavy on this one.

Too bad the sun was in cloud for this shot.

Two last departures, both 767s. This one off to somewhere down South.

This one off to Calgary.

I know this topic seems random and the stuff isn’t anywhere close to the best I’ve put out, but I thought it was different enough to make a topic for.

I’m going to copy @Moritz and list out my old spotting topics.

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The Copa Airlines is my favorite 😍 awesome pics!

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Nice photos! I really like the night shots.

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Great photos, I love that Emirates shot🛫

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I love the Emirates A380, the edits just make it standout!

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Nice ones! Love the EK A388 😍

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Now those look amazing! Love the air canada 787 with the landing lights on!

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Glad someone does


Thanks y’all


Great Pictures

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I’ll send you my licensing price list :P

Nice shots! (But I‘m shocked you haven’t spotted Emirates before, they seem so over-represented everywhere)


Amazing pics! Can’t wait to get a new lens so I could start spotting again.

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Can’t wait to see them.

Okay but who stole my idea of replying in spotting threads with quotes 🤭

I’ve caught his departure because it’s 2:00 pm local time, but his arrival is anywhere between 8:30 and 9:30 am and I live 3 hours from Pearson. I got plenty EK A380s in Sydney though :)


Ah, it’s my favourite IFC plane spotter again!

Wow, these shots are stunning 🤩

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All these spotters and I’m your favorite? Honored 😅

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Where is that „block user“ button again 🧐😂

That’s not your idea, it’s what the forum software suggests when you send too many replies to a topic in a short time 🤪

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