Arrivals and departure layout plan

Good day to all. I just had a quick question I’m about to open as ATC on the training server at RJ TT (no pattern work…sorry)I want to have a Runway layout plan where I want my arrivals and departures to be at and which Runway to use ( as I tried to avoid hot spots on the ground). I was wondering can the A380 land on all runways at Tokyo International or do they have to use the longest runway which I believe would be 16L or 34R right depending on the winds.

Realistically, the A380 needs a max of 9514ft of runway to land on, however, most people in IF use breaks way too early and it ends up being half of that. You can see how long runways are when you select the airport icon and go to the runways page.

I did the research on all the runways and what sizes they were but I was unsure of whether the A380 can land on any other Runway except the longest one I already know what the longest runway is I just wanted to know if i can utilize that aircraft on another Runway besides the longest one at the airport

You could do that, if the runway is long enough. As IFATC, we don’t really focus on runway lengths, but gate size. If an aircraft can fit in a gate at the airport, it can land any runway there (in theory).

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Do I like the way you put that that’s very smart thanks we can have a gate for you that means we have a runway for you that makes sense but I just wanted to try to be as real as possible on the training server which since replay came out has been wonderful but thanks you did answer my question that means I can utilize the A380 on any Runway I want. Let’s just hope my Approach and departure controllers or radar controllers are actually looking at the radar and how I got the pattern just in case they leave or just come in you know but thanks

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In IF, a 748 can hit the first exit. Realistic or not, it’s really not something you need to worry about too much. I know I’ve sent 388s to the longest runway in the past, only to have them use a tenth of it to stop, so I stopped worrying about it.

(The reverse is also true: I’ve seen CRJ7s come in hot and go all the way to the end of the runway at KLAX.)

[Just to be safe, and clarify again: I’m not saying hitting the first exit makes sense, that it’s realistic, that it’s what should be done, that it shouldn’t be considered, but it is reality in IF that these planes don’t have the physical strictures of the real world, like it, hate it, indifferent to it.]


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