Arrival runaways at Madrid

Does anyone know what runways were using for landing at Madrid tomorrow? Because I’m about to set off from Bogotá and I don’t want to have to change star

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It will depend on the METAR and whatever the ATIS says. Generally, always land into the wind.

Sometimes you have to change your procedures, sometimes it’s unavoidable 🤷‍♂️


Ok thanks, just a bit annoying because as I said I don’t want to file a star and approach for the wrong runaway

If I were you I’d find a STAR that works for all runways then you can just change the approach if needed. There are many STARs that work with all runways at the airport your looking at.

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I’d recommend you choose a STAR that can accommodate most (if not all) runways, and then choose an approach when you get closer.

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If I had to guess, it would be the 36 end

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Generally, in a northern configuration, the southern runways will be used for landing and the northern runways for departures. The southern configuration is the exact opposite, with the northern runways for arrivals and southern runways for departures.


If you need to choose a new STAR, select the STAR you’d like and move it up just below your current STAR. Then, simply delete the old STAR.

But as the others mentioned, choosing a STAR that can be used for all runways makes the most sense here. If you’d like to switch your approach, use the same method as above.

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Currently 32s and 36s are in use

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Check the weather forecast for tomorrow. LEMD is a special case where the config will be two runways for departures and two runways for landings at all times. What time do you plan on landing around?

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Ok thank you everyone for the help I guess we’ll just see what atis says in the morning, have a good evening :)

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