Arrival procedures

Can someone please explain why the route ends after the actual runway. For instance why with this arrival you go from VEPNA straight to TUDOG?

TUDOG is likely part of the missed approach procedure but I can’t find it on navigraph charts

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The TUDOG waypoint that you see in your flight plan is the missed approach fix. Sometimes the procedures in Infinite Flight will include these missed approach fixes when you add them to your flight plan. I usually just manually delete them as they are not likely to be required for your arrival.


Correction: found it

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Well that makes sense! Thanks for the quick reply all!

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You need an approach for your arrival.

Quite certain he has filed an approach for his arrival. Further @TwoEyes you can either delete it or leave it as it’s most likely your missed approach waypoint. Ideally before that waypoint takes you away from the approach you should be guiding the plane in for landing manually anyway… hope it helps

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