Arrival procedures

Im trying to file a flight plan from egkk to fimp for a overnight flight but for the 2nd time the arrival or approach proceadure messed it all up for me. There is no arrival procedure for the active at fimp and I don’t know what to do

If there is no STAR approach, I just hand pick some points to lead me to the start of the localizer cone! Just add altitudes to them and let VNAV do the work. If realism is more your thing go to and enter you start and end ICAO, click and aircraft and see what approaches they do!

If your problem is more about why there is no STARs in that specific airport, it is because there is none in real life.

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How do you add attitudes to waypoints?

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If you click on the waypoint on the side screen there should be a button saying “ set alt” click that and enter your altitude!

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It just says info. Idk I’ll just do it like this

Click on the waypoint you want to have an altitude and then press this

And when your putting a altitude. The format should be like this.

Example: FL280
Altitude to put in 28000


Legend thank you, I didn’t even know that was there 😭

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