Arrival procedures

Have you flown into an airport and chosen a STAR to add to your fpln and at the end of the STAR it includes the actual airport? This makes it difficult to add an Approach. Do you still add the approach or just leave it as is, and then deviate from fpln to get on approach?

Hello !!! I hope you’re okay. Me for example I always add the approach and I include altitudes for the descent. @Aaron_Markowitz

If a STAR does have the airport included, then I tend to ignore adding an approach and fly manually by following the flow of traffic around or fly accordingly under the guidance of an Approach Controller. I don’t know if there’s any other alternative but if there is, someone please do enlighten us :)

Or just before you reach the turn to the airport delete that one way point as you will be on approch and the STAR wont be necessary anymore

I would input the STAR and then use the activate leg feature to transition to the approach.


Yeah, I add the STAR and IAP. As I come toward the “anomalous” waypoint, I hit “ACT LEG” on the next appropriate waypoint to continue on route.

All very insightful, thanks guys

Yeah I agree with anshul as I do the same thing!


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