Arrival procedures? Why?

My logbook. I am a commercial, instrument, multi rated pilot with >5000 hours. Two days straight…I have flown the arrival approach after a 500 mile leg, followed the procedures, and watched in both instances a/c fly >10000’ above me doing 400 across the ground and inside the class B space and then I am asked to do a 360 for spacing to allow this lawn dart to fly a precision approach and I am certain outside the parameters of a precision approach.

Lesson of the day for me…stop flying arrival procedures. Just come into class B on the space shuttle HUD and throw out a parachute.


Hey Mitchell,

I have 2 questions for you. Was this on the Expert server and was ATC active?

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Hey Will…yes and yes. Today going into LEMD.

Ok. I unfortunately don’t have much I can tell you as I wasn’t your controller.

As for arrival procedures, I highly recommend that you implement them in your flight plan as it can greatly assist controllers. Despite this, there will always be pilots who misbehave. Unfortunately, we should be accommodating to these pilots to some extent. Additionally, the unrealistic traffic amounts that we face in IF can sometimes cause us to stray from our procedures.

As for the decision to give you a 360° turn command, only your controller will be able to full explain the reasoning. Do you happen to remember the display name of your controller?


Will…the team does a great job controlling. Not good great. Last 2 days I have been with center, approach and tower all the way and I hear them having to help some figure out the correct calls
Along the arrivals. They are very helpful. I suggest we have a method to when the class B is controlled, bring all a/c thru the class B using the arrival procedures and those that are lawn darts are sent outside the class B for a do over…

I file flights plans always and use the departure procedures and arrival keeps it real and fun.


I’m glad to hear you’re having a good experience with IFATC! The recent 20.1 update was a huge step forward in realism which puts IF way ahead in the mobile flight sim market.

Once again, I apologize that you had a slightly unrealistic experience. If you ever have a question about a controllers decisions, feel free to message them and simply ask. Our team is super receptive to feedback and always willing to talk. If you are looking for your controllers IFC account, here is a great link.

Infinite Flight ATC

As for your suggestion, I can’t guarantee any changes in the ways of how we handle aircraft. Unfortunately we don’t simulate fully realistic airspace for many reasons, mainly the fact that we don’t have them in the sim. Of course as IF continues to become more realistic, hopefully your experience will improve!.

If you have any questions please let me know or feel free to shoot me a message.

Out of curiosity, what was your callsign, and at what time did this happen? I might have witnessed this happenning

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High alpine trekker. Virgin Atlantic 1. Approx 1130est today GMMN-LEFM

I believe @alberto_lopez was your controller - please PM him for further discussion. Thanks Mitchell!

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Thank you…

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I like that you employed the term “unrealistic traffic amounts” @Will_A as I couldn’t agree more.

Why so many efforts are put by developers to make this game as realistic as possible and it’s all spoiled up by the weekly schedule pushing the vast majority of the server to target a handful of airport which is most cases certainly don’t have the capacity to process that much traffic - in IF and RL.

This creates a growing number of complains, an unnecessary level of stress for the controllers and pushes more and more pilots like myself to avoid ATC controlled areas whatsoever.

I feel that while overwhelming a few airports could be an occasional event allowing all parties to challenge themselves, it would be more appropriate and likely pleasant to spread the controlled areas across multiple regions of the world.

For example, that could be maintaining active ATC for the top X airports of each region (hence reflecting real life activity) and yet being able to feature some reduced size airfields to offer the community the chance to enjoy beautiful sceneries in more rarely visited areas.


Loved this post and had a good laugh out of it but doesn’t sound like Expert normally the bigger planes should be that airports priority and the small planes should be sequenced accordingly. But as you know from the post above that people when they see an airport that is open they all go to it to get the expert server experience. :C

Hope you can get it figured out and some people can learn something C:

Blake | Founder USA ATC and Host of The Touchdown Zone Podcast

ps. this will be in the next podcast

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A little fun…years past I was flying a cirrus sr22 GTS with the avadine panel. Having a blast at 12000 over central Florida. Had my wife with me. 2 days earlier I did a couple of jumps in Ohio at the request of my twin sons. Truth is told it’s great to jump out of a perfectly bad airplane…anyway, my wife was not happy we did it and I told her it was perfectly safe no worries.

@ 12000’ over Florida, JAX center called out “cirrus 645BD, alert meat missiles @ your 1 o’clock 3 miles terminal”. My wife wearing a Bose headset and listening to JAX said “ What is a meat missile?” … I gave her my answer. Was repeatedly punched in the arm, silent treatment remainder of flight and cost me a Luis Vuitton.



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