Arrival procedure

If anyone has any easier way to understand the arrival procedures please feel free to PM me, I get so many waypoints I don’t exactly understand what to follow and how to know what to follow?

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what airport do you need help with?

This video is an good guide for learning arrival procedures ( SIDS & STARS ).

The issue with Arrival procedures is they are difficult to understand without seeing the bigger picture and how they intertwine with the rest of the airspace and airways. Do you have a specific procedure you would like to know more about? It can provide some more context if we know which arrival is problematic for you and use it as a reference to explain some concepts.

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A STAR (Standard Terminal Arrival Route) is a preset group of waypoints that vectors you in to the airport’s airspace, before the final approach. All the information, such as NOTAMs and any restrictions in altitude etc, along with any deviation to avoids terrain, is preset into the STAR when you select it. So when you fly using LNAV and VNAV, all the general rules and restrictions won’t be broken as you fly into the airport’s airspace, of course unless ATC tells you otherwise

I hope I explained that properly

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