Arrival over an active airspace

I am currently flying from Reno to San Jose, and my arrival takes me right over San Francisco Intl., which is an active airspace with Tower and Approach. Which frequency should I contact, and what should I say to them?



If you are cruising above FL180 there is nothing to worry with only approach

If there is a FIR ( Center Frequency) just check in, which shows the controller you are flying at that altitude to your destination


VNAV will have me over SanFrancisco at 12,000โ€™

Then contact approach and check in, continue to follow your flight plan but be aware of following further instructions such as altitude and headings that ATC could give you


Ok, thanks for the help!

Does that answer your question?

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just landed in RNO! really fun flight i also did SJC-RNO.

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Yes. This can be closed now

On the VFR option just request flight following when flying through an active approach airspace but maintain VFR at all times. Do not expect control instructions under VFR

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