Arrival or Approach?

Hello- I have a quick question-
When I’m making a flight plan in 20.1, I have the option to add an arrival and approach into an airport. My question is, should I be adding an approach or an arrival to my flight plan, or should I add both?

Hello mate,

Adding an arrival to your flight plan will be adding a STAR (Standard Terminal Arrival Route) to your flight plan for your runway of choice.

If you would like to add both, you should be adding a arrival (STAR) first and then an approach for the runway that the STAR has set you up for.


Awesome- do I have to add both?

No, you don’t have to add both. You can just add a STAR and then put in your own waypoints to finish off your flight plan to the runway.

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Sounds good, thanks!

I wanna ask this too: WHEN. Sorry for hitch riding your question OP :)

  • When should I plan for arrival?
  • When should I plan for approach?
  • Are there any scenarios when I should use both? And under what condition? Because all it did was mess up my fpl.


EDIT(add): Because in the guide, it shows you how. My question above refers to the why part. When/why to use approach vs. arrival vs. both… whereas to leave an airport you just simply use one option (departure).

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Haven’t been in multiplayer for while so i guess you can set up your STAR after finding out what STARs is used by ATC and select approach what approach you are planned for again by atc.Also you can change pre-selecteds while flying.In flying offline you can set up suitable ones as you wish

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