Arrival at Dubai! (BETA)

Arriving at Dubai in the evening after a flight from beautiful Kuwait City! Is it just me or is the Kuwait Airways new livery the nicest livery ever!?

Uploading: 7C801048-4682-489A-BB01-229262FF1119.png… Uploading: BCE35E31-BC48-4D77-981C-8D39CD24977B.png… Uploading: 3B203069-1630-409D-90A5-58BC8D98E917.png…

Uploading: 467FD264-3DA7-4727-8F53-ADC6D0013184.png…

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I love the Kuwait livery! It’s one of the cleanest in my opinion.


Definitely. I can’t believe there is only 1 Kuwait airways livery in IF


I know right!

Hey mate,

Your last Screenshots and Videos was 5 hours ago… and all of us in the forum are allowed to one topic per day. Just keep it in mind. :)

Anyways, that’s some really cool pictures. Can’t wait to fly the 21.1 soon :)

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Sorry, didn’t know that…

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Also, make sure all of your images finish uploading before you push post, about halve of yours didn’t finish so we cannot see them yet :/