arrival at busy EGKK

1) Arrival to EGKK, cleared to land on 26R, rwy which is usually not used in real life, but gives the possibility for good screenshots 😀

2) WIII-EGKK with a Garuda Indonesia B777-300 arrival to EGKK after with 13hours28min of flights


Nice shot! That’s me lining up onto 26L in the Vueling A320 off to Asterias


wow! nice shot!, There is a Super D in the Bottom right corner! RIP super D!


Nice one.!

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Thank you Max, great you found yourself on the screenshot 😃

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Thank you Johnathan. Yep he was spotting, if I’m not wrong haha

Thank you hh06 :)

Hey! That’s me in the Super Decathlon! I saw you had some trouble with those crosswinds last night at EGKK. I think you did a go around and made it on your second attempt. Great job!

Anyone who arrived at EGKK around this time, me included, had to deal with some serious crosswinds.

Nor Shuttle 9 Heavy

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Nice one, but I love realism, and it just annoys me to see this, (As you already know) since the 2 runways are too close to eachother, 26R/04L is a relief runway. It is used as a taxiway, for generally larger aircraft. EGKK is one of the most busiest airports with only 1 runway in use.

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nice picture, I liked it

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I see crowds of BAs on the ground at EGKK earlier today… Really stunning to arrive at 26R to be honest.

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Oh you were the spotter :)
I love crosswinds…actually it wasn’t me who had to go around :)

I totally agree, I didn’t want to land there, especially with a B777, but ATC told me to do so, so I followed instructions. Technically it wasn’t an issue and not everyone knows that 26R isn’t really used in real life. Thank you for your comment :)

yep like I said, normally aircrafts don’t land there, but it’s sure it’s great to fly over the aircrafts like that…and well cough cough, theoretically, in real life or not, if 26R is open, no aircraft should be in the axis of the 26R for security reasons ;)

Oh. I am the Thomas Cook A321. I remember you from the replay. You flew directly over me! And nice pic btw!

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That’s cool, I tagged no one but so many have found themselves on the screenshot, cool :)
Thank you btw