Arrival and Approach not matching. How to handle?

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I read and looked careffully all tutorials about SID/STARS/APPROACHES

In this tuto the approach is always continuing perfectly the arrival.
I had cases where the last fix of the arrival is close to the runway treshold means that the first approach fix is behind you if you are following it.
KMIA is an example; yesterday night, preferred STARs by ATC was DVALL3. End of this STARs is DHP fix which is closed to the treshold of rways 8

Removing this fix in the STARs means your STARs will be invalidated and the ATC will ask you to amend your flight plan.

How do you handle that?
No approach and then we rely on ATC for the final approach?
You keep the troublemaker fixes in your flight plan but skip them through leg selection?

Txs for your tips

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I have run into this issue as well. A solution I found is that if the approaches outlined cannot satisfy what your STAR gives you, push “vectors to final”. It will outline the best way to handle your approach and if need be, Radar Controllers will assist you in your approach.

Yesterday at KMIA, I had a similar situation where my STAR put me so close to the runway. I followed the steps above and approach ended up vectoring me off the plan to line up earlier with the cone.

On approach, we can see your flight plan and an outline of everywhere you will go so it helps us plan out what we will do to help you get the best approach possible.

I hope this helps and feel free to PM me or continue asking below if you have any questions.


Well the interest of the forum is that everyone can benefit from the explanation. Thank you for yoyr prompt reply.

Just tried to do as you said. The system is not proposing me to “vector to final” in all cases.
Then even when it does, the resulted FPL is like below…which looks weird… !


Since that VOR is so close to the 8s. You would need to set your landing to be on the 8s. That turn wouldn’t work for Runway 9. I think that’s one of the key issues in what happened. Try doing an approach going for 8L or 8R and see if that works better

Most places wont line you up perfectly. There is arrival which gets you downwind for example and the you may go to final. Some give better STARs than others so it depends on the airport.

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No it does not, I tried as well and I have a similar result, choosing 9 is not giving poissibility to “vector to final” (at least not choosing RNAV or ILS approach), choosing 8s does but with the same 360° approach as shown in my snapshot.

Don’t want to bother anyone :-) I just want to avoid annoying ATC with inappropriate trajectories.

Yeah I agree. In order to further help, I would choose STARs that either end outside or very close to the edge of the cone. Most radar controllers will avoid having the type of STAR seen yesterday as one of ATC preferred.

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OK, make sense, yesterday night, I was coming from the south, I had no other arrival choice. I removed the inappropriate fix but the center rejected my arrival (appropriately) and asked me to select the untouched arrival. Then came this weird approach :-) All finished well

Txs for your replies

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