"Arrestor cable" implementation. - Sticky runway

Following on from a discussion on IFFG, Thought id see what everyone here has to say

Not a featue request at this point. I could be asking the impossible so…

How hard would it be to make the area of the runway at MCAS Miramar designated for carrier landings “sticky” to stimulate a carrier landing when inside the specific area?

I’m wondering if the runway friction values could be bumped up here to slow us down as if being caught by an arrestor cable. ( idk if these values even exist but ya get the idea :p)


My 2 cents-

Runways are defined in airport files, as a length, width and properties. There is no way of making a unique area on the runway to change specific values, without adding to the program and file formats we use.

Good idea though ;)

// Airport Editor


Yea. I’m aware of that :p

When you touch down on a ashphalt runway in IF there is a sound of the gear making contact on the ground. This obviously doesn’t happen on a grass field. So Matt must have some degree of control re the runways

If you can define it graphically, I can’t see there’s any reason why you couldn’t define that graphic boundary with different friction co-efficient parameters within the app. Code wise I haven’t a clue how you’d apply it, or how difficult it would be. But it’s definitely something worth exploring.

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We have surface roughness that we can adjust on WED, but not sure if it renders or not…

Also as @IceBlue said, we can’t make a specific part of the runway like that. Although, we could add a taxiway on the runway for the carrier strip and adjust the roughness…

To keep it simple.

You make the graphic boundaries for the carrier runway.

Within them boundaries Phillipe could increase the properties of the runway within the boundaries you make.

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If we have any pavement, we can change its roughness :)

Wouldn’t everyone start flying here then? It’s a pretty awesome idea, I hope it can be added somehow!

Only make it so the F18 could “catch the wire” perhaps. Last thing we needs is San Clemente 2.0 & having 380’s calling the ball and hitting the spaghetti :p


Don’t forget the F-14 too!

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That would be fun, we could work on that by increasing the roughness of the surface. But currently all surfaces have same roughness values. :)

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