Around the world's capitals. Almost 200 legs, shortest possible route

Pacific Ocean!

After a long, 2,000NM flight from RJTT, I landed in Palikir, Micronesia.

This is the first tropical paradise I visit and I was eager to learn things about the island of Pohnpei. First, I watched this video. It was like a helicopter tour.

Then, I learned about their traditional food.

Finally, I learned about the best places to visit in the country.


Just a note for when you go to Israel, Jerusalem is the capital, but there is no airport there, so I’d fly to Tel Aviv, which is also considered the capital of Israel by many Israelis.

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Israel was the end of the second leg of my tour. I landed at Tel Aviv, since Jerusalem airport in not in use.

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I didn’t realize you were so far along, when I posted that the main post was the only post in the thread because the WiFi here was bad, and the rest didn’t load.

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The Pacific trip goes on

After Palikir, the next stop was Majuro, Marshall Islands. It was strange to land on an airport that occupies the whole width of the atoll. The capital city is just 300 m wide in most places. I learned about how the island nation is in the frontlines fighting climate change.

Next stop, Kiribati. The airport is at the conjunction of the atoll and the landing was spectacular just next to turquoise waters.

Here is a small video about the life in Kiribati

Next stop was the island nation of Nauru. A small island, formerly one of the richest countries on Earth, but now one of the poorest. Watch why.

You can have an idea of how small Nauru is.

Next, Solomon Islands and the central island of Guadalcanal.

That brought me some memories because Guadalcanal was on my favourite sites when I used to play “Battlefield 1942”

I saw drone footage of the actual former battlefield sites.

Tropical islands of the Southern Hemisphere

After leaving the Solomon Islands, I landed at Port Villa, Vanuatu.
I watched this very interesting presentation of the small island nation. It’s definitely worth visiting.

Next stop, Fiji. For us in Europe, Fiji was always the synonym of a tropical paradise.
This video explains why.

In Tuvalu, I came across the strangest runway ever. Whenever it’s not in use by aeroplanes, the locals use it a large public space for walking and leisure.

Screen Shot 2020-05-02 at 21.43.24
You can also watch a video of it.

Next, was Apia, Samoa. This is the easternmost point of my journey - although, technically, I crossed the Antimeridian and went to 172W. Anyway, here is an excellent guide of what to do and what to expect in this beautiful island.

Before landing, I flew next to Mount Silisili the highest peak (1,858 m - 6,096 ft) in Samoa and the Samoa Islands chain.

Coming up next: Tonga and New Zealand!

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Landed at Wellington yesterday. Do you still want to join the flight to Canberra?

Yes plese, would love to!

Wow this looks like fun! I flew around the world in the SR22 earlier in the year. I kept track of all the airports I went to and how much fuel I used etc. but I didn’t make a map. How did you make that map? I’d love to make one of my trip. Cheers!

Thank you for your reply. I made the map using and entering the legs of the journey.

South Pacific!

The kingdom of Tonga was my next stop. Take a look at the island.

Then, New Zealand!
Wellington is:
-The world’s southernmost capital (41 South)
-The southernmost airport of my entire journey.
-The farthest I’ve been from my home airport (LGAV, 9,452 nm, 17,505 km).

I watched this amazing documentary which features the history of the country, with interviews of indigenous Maori and descendants of immigrants from Europe.

And, of course, the Haka Dance! Go All Black!

And for the end, a Wellington guide. Culinary Arts, Craft Beer and Coffee Capital of New Zealand.

From Wellington to Canberra with @Louis

It’s always nice to have some company while flying long legs above the endless sea. @Louis asked to join me in this flight and I happily accepted.

At the ramp in Wellington

Flying over the northern tip of South Island

View from the cockpit

Too close :p

After arriving at Canberra, I watched Tony Robinson’s Walk in this rather unusual city. How the city got its name and what the inhabitants think about their capital.

And then a more conventional guide.

Next stops, Papua New Guinea and Timor-Leste!


Was an absoulute pleasure!

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i regret to inform you that you missed FIH, the capital of the DRC in Kinshasa

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I am happy to inform you that I didn’t. The map is zoomed out. If we zoom in…Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 19.18.48

Of course, I thank you for response. If I have actually forgotten some other capital I will be happy to include it.


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From Papua to Palau

After Canberra, a 1500 nm flight took me to Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea
Here is a brief introduction to the country

There is also an old short 1972 documentary with a presentation of the country shortly before it gained independence.

Next stop was Dili, Timor-Leste. A country with turbulent past, fully independent from 2002.
A brief introduction:

Here is an excellent video about the cultural treasures of the nation.

And a photo of the Dili airport. Nice architecture.

Next stop, Palau!
This tiny island nation of population 18.000 is a tropical paradise.

The airport is small but impressive.

If you have time, I highly recommend this long video. It’s an amazing chronicle of the history of the islands, how it was made a theatre of battles In WW2 and how beautiful it is today.

Indian Ocean. From Taipei to Jakarta via Manila

Taipei is a city I want so much to visit in real life, I was very happy to “visit” it during my world tour. Here is a video made by real travellers, very interesting. Makes you want to go there.

And here is a presentation of the capital.

Next stop, Manila!
I watched this short video as an introduction

Then, I toured the famous Manila street food scene!

Then, I flew to Brunei, one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

Here is a brief introduction with amazing aerial footage.

And another one.

By now, I was ready to fly to Jakarta

…and enjoy a nice walk in the Old Town

And, since we are an air enthusiasts community, here is a video of airliner spotting at WIII.


From Singapore to Phnom Penh

After Jakarta, my next stop was Singapore.
I have visited the city-state in 1999 and I have amazing memories. I tried to replicate my tour there, although many things have changed since then.

Here is an excellent guide about the local street food scene.

Next stop, Kuala Lumpur!
Street food is my favourite past time when I travel. Here is a glimpse about the Malaysian capital.

Next stop, Kambodia and Phnom Penh.
I wanted to learn more about this amazing country. So, I took a look in her history.

And here is a video of an A320 landing at VDPP. Enjoy!

This is amazing!! So, how many places have you visited so far? That is if you haven’t lost count 😏😏😂😂

Phnom Penh was the 54th city of my journey (there will be 197 in total). Seems that I have completed about 27% of the project. :-)

I am flying to BKK as we speak.

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