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Hello, fellow IF captains! Today completed my 77-day journey of flying around the world in Infinite flight. This was not a typical route to get around as quickly as possible. I, instead, explored as much as I could within the sim. I laid a few “ground rules” for myself. I use that lightly in some areas. Below are a few of the criteria I followed along the way.

  1. Only travel and connect through an airport ONE time.
  2. Only fly real-world routes from each airport using passenger or cargo aircraft.
  3. Try using as many of the aircraft available in the sim based on the available routes.
  4. Continue to travel West around the globe as best as possible.
  5. Use as many different Airlines as possible within my journey.

I started in my hub of KATL (Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International) and used a random city generator to select my first route… KAVL (Asheville Regional) of all places… from there, I chose each aircraft and destination based on the real world. You can imagine this sent me to quite a few places, and I must say, some of these routes led me to believe I was STUCK.

I added a chart of my flights below. I tracked everything from distance, flight time, departure and arrival time, and locations, aircraft, etc. I highlighted all the aircraft I could fly and what was not used. I also added the number of airlines I used, my total flight time, trip duration, most used aircraft, airline, and distance flew.

My longest flight was a grueling Johannesburg to New york… which also happened right on the heels of a London - Johannesburg. As my journey continued, getting across the world became ever more challenging.

I got to appreciate the work our editors do for the amount of 3D airports I happened to arrive and depart from. It was quite a journey, and it had me in aircraft I never would personally fly first. It sent me to locations I otherwise may have never visited. I can not say I have another world trip on the schedule anytime soon, but I hope you enjoy it and maybe perhaps check out a few of these places on your own!

P.S. only one time was I ever a part of any live ATC!


Incredible! Well done 👏🏼

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Awesome, congratulations on your world tour!

This is an amazing idea I would like to try out one day. I like your chart, it made it easy to keep track of all your flights. I wonder how long it will take me!

Wow! I just happened upon this, and this is really impressive! What was the longest flight on here?

Johannesburg to New York!

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Is that a real route?? If so, what aircraft?

It was a real route for SAA. I believe they stopped in 2019. They used the A340-600.

OK. I know Delta does an A359 flight from Atlanta to Johannesburg. You’d think there would be more demand from New York.

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