Around the world!

Thanks to @Charlieab29 for inspiring me to do this!

Hello everyone! For a while I’ve been wanting to change up the variety of my flights. About 99% of my flights are to/from a European destination - mainly because my favourite airport is Gatwick and my favourite airline is easyJet. But this (hopefully) will let me explore the world in Infinite Flight. I’m going to be flying to every continent except for Antarctica.

I’m going to start in my nearest airport - Heathrow. I’ll finish there too! I’m not sure when this will start but likely it will be after next weekend - during the week. I will post each flight in the thread.

Now on to the route!

Route Number Route Airline Aircraft Estimated flight Time Status
Number One London Heathrow to Bogotá Avianca B788 12:15 Not Completed
Number Two Bogotá to Toronto Air Canada A333 05:10 Not Completed
Number Three Toronto to Honolulu Air Canada B789 11:15 Not Completed
Number Four Honolulu to Sydney Hawaiian A333 09:40 Not Completed
Number Five Sydney to Delhi Qantas A333 12:00 Not Completed
Number Six Delhi to Dubai IndiGo A320 02:50 Not Completed
Number Seven Dubai to Zanzibar FlyDubai B738 07:55 Not Completed
Number Eight Zanzibar to Addis Ababa Ethiopian B77L 02:50 Not Completed
Number Nine Addis Ababa to Lagos Ethiopian A359 05:35 Not Completed
Number Ten Lagos to London Heathrow Virgin Atlantic A333 06:45 Not Completed

I hope many of you will join! As I mentioned every flight will be posted and everyone is free to join. Altogether I believe this will take me just under two weeks.

Can’t wait to get started!


I will join! Can’t wait, keep me posted ;)

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Depending on days I’ll join :3. Just PM me whenever you’re flying and what route!

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Maybe I will join some long hauls!

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I’d love to join, this looks super cool

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Will do!

Would be great!

Feel free to do so and thanks :)

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