Around the world

I’m looking for a good around the world tour where could I find a good tour to do and the flights can’t be any long hauls like 2 hours


The Air New Zealand flight around the world may be interesting.

They had been flying Auckland -> Los Angeles -> London -> (a stop i dont know where) -> Auckland

When Air New Zealand was operating its London flight, it went back to Los Angeles after London.


That’s going to be hard, and a lot of flights but…


Something like that maybe?

You can do it in just 2 flights: New York-Singapore and Singapore-New York 😂😂 but I think it isn’t your objective. Well it’s 19 hours per flight so…

This VA has a very nice World Tour. 26 legs going around the world in 66 hours. The avarage flight time of a route is 2:38 and only 1 real long haul, so that kind of meats your objective I think. You can do it even without being in the VA!


Last year I flew around the world in the cirrus and I did it in 51 legs, some short, some long (long as in 4 hours) and at the end I had clocked up 123 hours. It was pretty fun getting to see the world and I’d love to do it again once I have enough time. Enjoy your trip!