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Hey there!

I am planning a big project about going all around the world in a TBM-900

But I am stuck at making successful travel around the pacific ocean, most concretely when going from KLAX-PHNL, where the distance is widely superior to the TBM range. So I ask, is there any mid-island with an airport where I could refuel?

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Literally none, but with a good tailwind you can probably reach. Also, The Monterey Peninsula is the closest part of the Mainland to Hawaii, so I would recommend flying to MRY or SFO, not LAX

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Between the Mainland US and Hawaii, sadly no. If you’re going Trans-Pacific, the only workaround is through Russia and Alaska.

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That is a high risk, made for adventurers!
Not me

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Well then you’ll be stuck in paradise

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At least is something

Also, Hilo is the closest airport to the Mainland, so a route from Hilo to MRY is your best bet

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I don’t know if you can actually make the flight from KLAX-PHNL but best of luck.

Here’s what I’d do. I’d take a southern loop after HNL.

PHNL (Honolulu) - PLCH (Kiritimati)

PLCH (Kiritimati) - NTSU (Pago Pago)

NTSU (Pago Pago) - NVSS (Luganville)

From here you can continue south to Australia or head up north past Papua New Guinea and on to Indonesia.

Safe travels!

Edit: I can’t read.

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I have planned it from PHNL but the question is, how I get into PHNL from mainland with a small TBM!

Thanks for your answer

And are you going West to East, or East to West?

East to west

Oh you have no chance to make it

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You need to go from Hawaii to the Mainland if you want to make it

Oh I though you said “where I’m going after PHNL” and not “from PHNL”. My bad, sorry for the off topic answer.

Firstly I’d head to KNUC after KLAX. It’s an extra few miles.

Other than that you can’t do much but hope for the best.

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The shortest route between the mainland and Hawaii is Monterey and Hilo, so that’s your only hope @BinaryChess

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My plan was to depart from Spain, climb up Europe, go down to SoCal zone, get to Hawaii, and following equator to Singapore, Bangalore, Maputo, and climbing up Africa until another time Spain

Thanks to all, will choose a good tailwind day or even climb to Alaska and Russia

I’ve done it once before, the TBM can barely just make it from Hilo to the closest mainland city, Santa Barbara. It was definitely tight in fuel, you have to cruise pretty low to save fuel for some reason. It works!

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This is an inspirational comment, Will definitively try, I will tell the community my adventures

Stay safe

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