Around the world.

Hey guys!! I am going to fly around the world in the training server today at 5PM EST. I will start in EGLL and fly at heading .90 (due east) through the weekend until i land in london after getting re-fueled from an alt account and a friend. I will be flying Air Force one. Call sign “air-force one” live flight is Benslayer12.
I will try to stream it at:
It should take around 48 or so hours.
If you want to escort me message me on discord: benslayer12#9972

Hey there! If you would like people to fly with you why don’t u make this into a group flight! Here is the rules about making one!

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Pretty nice Idea have fun!

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@Pilotzz This has already been said above. No need to repeat.


I will be taking off at about 4;30 / 5 pm EST
On the casual server

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