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I decided to take a trip around the world. In the TBM 930. Flew out of kdts (my home town GA airport) to Boston. From there to Greenland and over to England. Then to Athens Greece to Dubai. Pretty interesting and a bit challenging considering the range of the TBM.

Anyone else do this? Leaving from Dubai tonight. Need to finish planning my next route.


Im doing a trip around Australia in the TBM930…
Hope you have a fun trip! Goodluck!

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I’ve done this. The journey from mainland to Hawaii and Hawaii back to mainland is extremely critical. I’d go north and fly through Russia to Alaska in that little opening of water so you don’t have to worry about fuel and waiting for the right winds.


I could never do this in the TBM… I would never have the patience having to stop for fuel every couple of hours… -_- Good luck!

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Oh comon. It’s not that bad. It’s almost five hours of flight depending on winds. Range is about 1,700 miles. That’s pushing it. Leaving about 40 minutes to an hour of fuel.

Welldone, hope you enjoy it

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Me neither.

I’m planning on going across the atlantic from Newcastle, UK aiming for Quebec, CA. May see you somewhere on route! Good luck!

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@Mach1 and @Charles_L hey guys, I see that you flying around the world or a continent. If you feel like a real challenge then I challenge you to fly/land in every single country in the world. For more ideas/details see my Around The World Tour.

Just landed at Tokyo international. Long flight. Great scenery!

I completed my little across the pond! I did EGNT-BIKF-BGBW-CYQX-CYQB!

Flew right over Greenland and north Canada and it looked amazing! All in all 9hrs 15mins flight time!

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