Around The World Tour - Last Leg Flight! @ ZBHH to ZMUB - 230200ZDEC19

Hello all, with my Around The World Tour coming to an end I thought I might get a few people to join me on my last leg (fight to my last country Mongolia. Why Mongolia? Well because I may have forgotten it (I did that a lot). Anyway, details for the group flight are below.

  • Aircraft and Livery :
    Infinite Flight A359
  • Route :
    ZBHH (China) to ZMUB (Mongolia)
  • Time of Departure :
    0200Z 2019-12-23T02:00:00Z (this is not a long flight should take an hour or two max).
  • Server :
    Expert server
  • Additional Information:
    Please comment below with your callsign and ID if you if are coming.

For anyone who turns up or says they wish to go, I’ll add you to my event flight where we’ll be flying back to CYUL (not sure of the departure airport yet).
On completion, I will have won two achievements. The first and only person to have flown to (and landed in) every single country in the world, as well as having the longest IFC post (see link above).

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Just because it’s the last leg doesn’t mean you can bypass the title formatting rules :)

No problem. We all make mistakes :)

Right I’ve fixed it up, I knew you had to do it for events but I didn’t realise for group flights to as it doesn’t show up unless you go into the actual section of the forum, thanks!

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I’ll come along! IFC EyesSkyward, “Infinite Flight 2019”

Nice! Please make your ID Around The World and callsign Infinite Flight, flight of three.

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Please spawn in now at ZBHH.

Oh not ZBHH?

Thanks for the correction!

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