Around The World Tour - Last Country Group Flight!

Hello all, with my Around The World Tour coming to an end I thought I might get a few people to join me on my last leg (fight to my last country Mongolia. Why Mongolia? Well because I may have forgotten it (I did that a lot). Anyway, details for the group flight are below.

  • Aircraft and Livery:
    Infinite Flight A359

  • Route:
    ZBHH (China) to ZMUB (Mongolia)

  • Time of Departure:
    Sometime tomorrow. Specific time to be confirmed.

  • Server:
    Expert, I don’t want anyone messing up my last flight of this tour!

  • Additional Information:
    @Infinite_Flight_Sims @Qantas094 if you two want to join since you guys helped me out a lot?

On completion, I will have won two achievements. The first and only person to have flown to (and landed in) every single country in the world, as well as having the longest IFC post (see link above).

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Group flight has been postponed due to lack of interest for a quick notice flight. Please join to be apart of a world record (Infinite Flight) achievement!

I would be interested if it was in training server…

Well I believe this would already have to had happened unfortunately as Groupflights have to be 3 hours or less away from posting time unfortunately. Also please follow the title guidelines listed below.

That’s not how it works, you must have a confirmed Zulu time within 3 hours of posting. You must also have a correct title. I hate to be the one to ruin the fun but someone had to say it.