Around The World Tour @KLAX to CYUL - 202300ZDEC19

On the 28th of January in 2019 I decided to embark on the ultimate Infinite Flight challenge: To fly (and land) in every single country in the world (all 195 countries recognised by the United Nations. On the 20th of December 2019, I will have flown to and landed in every single country in the world.
Now I don’t remember why I decided to start this journey although I do think it was a personal challenge but I did do quite a bit of research to find out that only three people had tried to do this before but had all stopped for unknown reasons. This is when I knew it, I wanted to be the first and only person to have ever flown to every single country on Infinite Flight!

Server: Expert

Airport: KLAX to CYUL

Time: 2300Z or 2019-12-19T23:00:00Z

Just a reminder to follow at ATC instructors (if available) or use unicom at all times.
I’m not liable or responsible for any violations or reports/ghostings.

There is a high risk that my phone will crash during the flight simply because my phone is getting so old thus flying for longer and 10 minutes is very hard.

Register: please provide your callsign and if possible your arrival and departure gate.

Attendance table
Pilot Callsign Departure gate Arrival gate
@JamesQFA380 GAF-QVG-JamesQFA380 Unknown Unknown
VA support or assistance

If any Virtual Airlines would like to participate as well please PM me. If you would like to assist me in setting up this event please also PM me.

Around The World Tour log, details, photos and states
Around The World Tour: part 1
Around The World Tour: part 2
Around The World Tour: part 3
Around The World Tour: part 4
Around The World Tour: part 5
Around The World Stats: my flight diary

Special thanks

  • Infinite_Flight_Sims for all his encouragement, support and racing him throughout Africa and a little bit of Europe before I got way too far ahead of him.

  • Qantas094 for all his encouragement and support as well, these two pilots/IFC members help a lot behind the scenes to make this possible.

  • Thanks To everyone who supported me, I was starting to make a list of everyone who helped or was supportive in any way but the list got too long so you guys know who you are, thank you so much!

If there’s anything I’ve missed, please PM me.


Good Idea!

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