Around The World Tour In TBM 930 @KHAF - 151700ZOCT18


Sounds fun!


You guys should do this in the winter when we aren’t all busy 😂😂😂

But I’ll try and join a leg or two.


@Mark_Denton I will have my beer ready by my side to keep me going until the end. Can we do this around 9pm Eastern time everynight? LOL… this is going to be a fun event. The good ole days KHAF :-).


Great job guys. I really appreciate what y’all are doing.


Everyone isn’t in the same timezone pal.


Not a big of a deal, but why not do it on Training server?


Yes!! im able to join this, have no school on monday!!


Ha… like hell it was😏


Looks like ROAH,RJOT,and RJCC will be featured in this event! Hope I can join those legs!


I want to join for all flights but will not be able to cause it is 10:30 pm and i have school. 😭😭


I guess that I’ll have to do the flight by myself during my free time.


Id love to join, but i cant for 2 reasons: I have school and I wont have Live at the time


Whoa I hadn’t thought of something like this, can’t wait!!!


Sign me up please


No need to sign up, everyone can join like Swiss001 event.


Ok thanks I’ll be looking forward to it


I’m actually in the middle of completing a ferry flight from LFBT to KCMA in the TBM with 3 other guys over multiple legs 2 completed so far. I must say that this aircraft performs really well at long stretchs at high altuitude FL280 - FL310.

Here is our route so far


I’m looking forward to participating in this event featuring the TBM 930.


Sounds like a killer idea to me. Definitely CAN"T go straight across one of the main bodies of water. It should be a lot of fun.


As I understand it, it will be a flight per day at a specific time. So if we can’t make it at the proposed time, it won’t hurt to take off later, as long as we meet the requirements. Am I correct?

When and where are we going to see the directions for the 1st leg?