Around The World Tour In TBM 930 @KHAF - 151700ZOCT18


Have you flown around the world on Infinite Flight yet? Of course many of us have. However, have you flown around the world in a turboprop? We are excited to announce that on 15OCT2018, we will begin an ‘Around The World’ Tour in the new TBM 930. This flight will begin and end at KHAF as well as be broken up into multiple legs that will range from 1 to 3 hours of flight time. For example, on the first day, we will takeoff from KHAF and fly the first leg to KJAC. Then the next day, we will respawn at KJAC and fly to the next destination. Each day will will begin the next leg at the airport that we arrived at the previous day. Each flight will have an assigned FPL (Flight Plan) and possibly approach procedures when available. By the end of the event, we will have flown 30 legs (flights), 19,522 NM, and over 58 hours of flight time! Coincidentally, this flight will also take place on the one year anniversary for the introduction of Global to Infinite Flight! Who will be joining us?

Just like with any event that we host, be sure to post your best screenshots on Instagram and tag us for a chance to have one featured on our social media pages. NOTE: All screenshots must be clean (without HUD, tags, etc), and all settings on HIGH to be considered. Simply tag us using @infiniteflight, #infiniteflight, and #tbm930aroundtheworld.

Server: Casual Server
Airport: KHAF
Aircraft: TBM 930 ONLY (Strictly enforced)


  • Copy FPL from Skyhawk Heavy each day.
  • Skyhawk Heavy will lead the event and be first to takeoff.
  • Use Unicom correctly. One aircraft takeoff at a time while next aircraft holds short.
  • Maintain 3-5 mile separation at all times from takeoff to landing.
  • TBM 930 ONLY

Around The World Event Hours:
Begin - Monday 10/15/18 @ 1700 ZULU (10:00am PDT)
End - Will vary each flight

As always, please be respectful of others and of the event. Follow the event rules, and lets have a great time! Happy and Safe Landings!



Awesome, hopefully I can join, but I have school. Maybe 18th and 19th work for me out. There no school on these 2 days!


Dang. Gonna miss that thing to school. I’d love to do this!


I remember when before global people took off from KSFO with A380 and flew to KHAF.

Great too see that people didn’t forget about that airport 😀


After doing flight from Tarbes to North Perry, i think i can join this around the world trip


Will all the flights be at the same time?


This is amazing! But again I will miss it, is there any chance someone could make a round the world your fpl and send it to me, would love to do it!


Perfectly timed, gotta do that 🤗


Been thinking on doing this on my own, but this sounds fun.


I did this on my own and I had a blast ! Got to see so many airports normally I couldn’t land in … It took me about a week . Still flying this beautiful aircraft. Would love to attend but I have vacation coming . Highly recommend it ifc !


Casual? Yeah sorry aint gonna do this on casual :/ also Schools in the way but this would be a giantic Project Id love to do one day eventually


Great memories


I’ll definitely be there! See you there guys ‘ANTRIVAS’_


Will be joining


OMG I so want to take part to this, can’t we do it on a weekend ? Some of us have 8:30 to 5pm shifts…


I can’t join.Im actually doing a current around the world.


I wish I could join! But it’s at 4am for me and I am not waking up at that time…


Yeah it would be great except for school lol.


Would love to join, just need the times in GMT+1 and WiFi in my house.
And I’ll be there.