Around the World through the North Pole (KORD-VIDP) [Personal Record!]

Last night, I took off from Chicago O’hare, bound for New Delhi. It ended up being my longest flight, and I got some interesting shots!

Chicago O’hare (KORD) - New Delhi Indira Gandhi (VIDP)
Air India 777-300ER
14 Hours 33 Minutes
Expert Server

1. Boarding… featuring @Usman_Ghulam in the Turkmenistan 777-200LR

2. Line up and Wait Runway 10L, Air India 126 Heavy

3. 100% load liftoff, featuring @Daniels_Aviation in the CRJ and Usman in the 777, as well as @wani0418 in the back

4. Over the snowy mountaintops of northern Pakistan

5. A little crosswind on final in Delhi

6. Unloading cargo, featuring @kit_v_kapushone

Thank you for viewing! Let me know your favorites down below.


Very nice 👍🏽‼️

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