Around the World Part 1 @ CYYZ - 212200ZOCT17

Server: Expert

Airport: CYYZ

Time: 2200Z

NOTAM: *As you all know, global has been released to Apple and will be released to Android very soon. To celebrate, I would like to introduce my 7 week Around the World event, where we will hit most of the continents of the earth.

Our first leg will be from CYYZ (Toronto Pearson) to MKJP (Norman Manley). Here are a few things to note:
Flight plan must be from the website: Flight plan database.

Anyone caught fooling around will be reported.

Although this is a group flight, be sure to keep 3nm spacing.

IFATC covering the event would be appreciated.
Hope to see you there!

CYYZ Gates:*

It’s the training server. There’s not much that could be done if issues arise with other players.


Can u use training server please

Sorry, but ts1 is not very fit for proper events.

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