Around the world on a Boeing 757

Hello everyone!
Now I have an idea: To travel around the world by plane. I agree, it sounds crazy, but it’s doable
This flight will take place with refueling (there will be a lot of them).
My flight is:

Los Angeles-Denver-Complete!, Flight time 2:14
Denver-Oshkosh- Complete!, Flight time 2:01
Oshkosh-New York
New York-London
Blagoveshensk-Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky
Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky-Anadir
Anadir-Cape Romanzof
Cape Romanzof-Ferbanks
Ferbanks-Port Hardy
Port Hardy-Los Angeles

Flight has been doing on boeing 757 and old american airlines livery
I’ll public screenshots mid flights
how do you recognize me in the game?
My name in the game is Lizzard
as well as registration number - YA-ATW
Total flight time now: 4:15
That’s all


Hey! Great project!

Imo, that really looks like an excessive amount of stops, even in the 757.

yeah, i know but wanna go more and more stops, idk why

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Oh, cool!


Butter that 757777

You could load up on full fuel and have no pax and cargo and go a bit longer you should also take advantage of tailwinds to. go longer.

When will you be doing this flight @LizzArd

I’ll start in a few hours

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Cool project. Looks like you got a good plan there.

Are you planning to close IF after one or two hops? Or are you planning to keep going?

Maybe a tip: clear your cache every now and then…

hello, I’m sorry, but I didn’t understand your question.

That’s fine. Neither did I 😉

Will you stay logged into IF and your flight, through the entire world trip?
Or is every hop a separate event, new date/time, etc?

yes, i’m stay loginned in on my flights

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