Around the World in IF pt 1

Infinite Flight now having 26 airports with 3D buildings I have decided to do a around the world tour And visit every single one of them. ‏ to keep Progress of how I’m doing please refer to the diagram below. Also I will be adding photos to this as I go along, all flights will be under the call sign Legend 1 using all infinite flight aircraft with the modern Livery. I will be adding on to this as I do Flights

All Routes

Crj-200 KSFO🇺🇸-KLAX🇺🇸1✅

A318-100 KLAX🇺🇸-KDEN🇺🇸2✅

A318-100 KDEN🇺🇸-KDCA🇺🇸3✅

C-172 KDCA🇺🇸-CYTZ🇨🇦4✅

C-172 CYTZ🇨🇦-CYOW🇨🇦5✅

737-700 CYOW🇨🇦-KJFK🇺🇸6✅

A350-900 KJFK🇺🇸-EGPH🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿7✅

737-700 EGPH🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿-EGLL🇬🇧 8✅

A318-100 EGLL🇬🇧-LFPG🇫🇷9✅

737-700 LFPG🇫🇷-EDDM🇩🇪10

757-200 EDDM🇩🇪-UUDD🇷🇺11

787-8 UUDD🇷🇺-URSS🇷🇺12

757-200 URSS🇷🇺-LGAV🇬🇷13

A350-900Ten Year LGAV🇬🇷-FACT🇿🇦14

Crj-700 FACT🇿🇦-FAOR🇿🇦15

A350-900Ten Year FAOR🇿🇦-OMDB🇦🇪16

A350-900 OMDB🇦🇪-YSSY🇦🇺17

TBM-930 Dark YSSY🇦🇺-NZQN🇳🇿18

TBM-930 Light NZQN🇳🇿-NZAA🇳🇿19

777-200 NZAA🇳🇿-RKSI🇰🇷20

TBM-930 Dark RKSI🇰🇷-RJTT🇯🇵21

787-8 RJTT🇯🇵-PHNL🇺🇸22

A350-900 PHNL🇺🇸- SBGR🇧🇷23

757-200 SBGR🇧🇷-MHTG🇭🇳24

TBM-930 Light MHTG🇭🇳-MMMX🇲🇽25

777-200 MMMX🇲🇽-KLAX🇺🇸26

Server Expert
Routes Multiple


Distance 547 NM
Passengers 40
Cargo 1,073 KG
Fuel Used 1,312 KG
Flight Time 1hour 1minute

Distance 800 NM
Passengers 136
Cargo 5,009 KG
Fuel Used 4,580 KG
Flight Time 1hour 45minutes

Distance 1,359 NM
Passengers 124
Cargo 8,408 KG
Fuel Used 7,373 KG
Flight Time 2hours 48minutes

Distance 351 NM
Passengers 3
Cargo 34 KG
Fuel Used 73 KG
Flight Time 3hours 32minutes

Distance 212 NM
Passengers 3
Cargo 34 KG
Fuel Used 67 KG
Flight Time 1hour 47minutes

Distance 365 NM
Passengers 144
Cargo 4,024 KG
Fuel Used 2,516 KG
Flight Time 1hour

Distance 2967 NM
Passengers 315
Cargo 20,500 KG
Fuel Used 30,935 KG
Flight Time 5hours 43minutes

Distance 315 NM
Passengers 144
Cargo 4,025 KG
Fuel Used 2,591 KG
Flight Time 58minutes

Distance 198 NM
Passengers 77
Cargo 3,828 KG
Fuel Used 1,594 KG
Flight Time 35minutes


Currently flying Leg 3 KDEN-KDCA

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Finished leg 3

Just finished Leg 4 a dreadfull 3 hour flight in a Cessna 😟

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This looks fun! Planning on doing the same thing with my friend. About the Cessna, there has got to be an autopilot right?

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@MrAirplaneGeek Yes the Cessna has Autopilot

Finished Leg 5

I wish you the best of luck! Have fun!

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@EI-AVA Just 21 Legs left

How many did you start with?

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26 for all 26 3D airports

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Ohh nice! I was actually thinking of doing that a while back but never got around to it

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@EI-AVA If you ever want to join me to do a leg you can

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@EI-AVA I am about to start leg 6 I suggest you do leg 7 as it is longer and on a A350 from JFK-EGPH in the Ten Years livery

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Thank you I appreciate it! Let me know when you do that!

@EI-AVA Here are all the legs

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Thank you! :)

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@EI-AVA PM me if you want to do any flights together

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I can do all of them. What time zone are you in?

@EI-AVA Central which means for JFK to EGPH I have to stay up till midnight so I can wake up at seven it is short enough in which we can do it as a day flight in the morning