Around the World in an A318 [4th Leg on Saturday!]

Hello all, I’ve been planning out starting today that I am going to be flying around the world in the A318. This May take a month, or maybe a year. And I’ll be flying starting in PHNL (Honolulu Intl.) to Hilo (PHTO)!

Next Leg is PLCH to NTTB, Who wants to Join Me on one of my Legs?

Will Be Updated Further Into Journey


First Leg

Time: 7PM PDT
Time: (Approx) 50 Minutes
Callsign: G-CAMO
Server: TS1

First Leg Complete!


I barley see my aunt house in the 2nd one.

Edit: I had been to Hawaii Twice.

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1st Leg Review PHNL-PHTO

Great Scenery, Especially The APPR between Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea.

2nd Leg Info PHTO-PLCH

Time: 4PM PST
Duration: 1 Hour 35 Minutes [APPROX]
Call sign: G-CAMO
Server: TS
Livery: Infinite Flight (2018)
Notes: 60% Chance I Will Be Able to Make this Flight. 40% Chance it will be cancelled to Wednesday

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[{2nd Leg Cancelled]}
More Info about Flight, Read Above ^

New Flight—PHTO-PLCH
Time: 3:45PM PST

Next Leg Starts In 10 Minutes, Spawn In Now!

More info About Leg Above ^^^

Leg 2 Complete!

Leg 3 Information | Kirabati-Bora Bora | PLCH-NTTB

Time: Friday 3:45PM PST
Duration: 3:15 Approximately
Aircraft and Callsign: A318 ACJ-5 G-CAMO
Server: TS
Notes: Flying from Beautiful Kirabati to Bora Bora! A Tahitian flight is never to Deny!

Longest Leg Of Journey, Also, there are 7 Routes Across The Pacific!

PM or Contact on Topic if you’d like to Fly with Me!


Leg 3 Finished!

Leg 4 Information
Route: NTTB-NCRG (Bora Bora-Rarotonga)
Time: Saturday 10:35PM PDT
Duration: 2:35
Callsign: M-TROP
Notes: I haven’t even heard of Rarotonga! But it will be fun with our 2nd to last flight of the Pacific


So sad to see that your flying while I sleep :/ good luck out there, strong tailwind!