Around the world in a TBM

Hey guys! I’m currently flying around the world in a TBM :)
The TBM has a great range even though it’s a propeller airplane, but my goal is not to do it as fast as possible, but to visit a lot of places.
I also want to go under the equator, which makes the trip a whole lot longer.
I started in Stavanger (Norway) and I am currently in Kiev. I’ll visit places like Singapore. Hong Kong, Chicago and Toronto. There are in total 111 legs :) If anyone wants to see pictures or something like it, HMU and I’ll be glad to share!


Hey, sounds like a cool trip. I wouldn’t say this topic is fully necessary but I’d love to see some photos when you’re done. In fact, I encourage you to make a #screenshots-and-videos post when you make it.

Have fun!


NIce! I attempted this challenge when the TBM first came out, i didn’t get to far though haha,
Have a good time and good luck :D

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I’m guilty to doing this too 😬


I still would not trust the TBM for over a few hrs, haha

Flew it once from PHNL to KSFO, fun flight.

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My longest flight till now has been one hour :) I’m trying to keep it short!

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Nice challenge! you might want to take a look at this :

Awesome man, I’d love to see some shops. How are you planning to get over the pond?

I’m planning to fly over the pacific via. Siberia and Alaska. And over the Atlantic via Greenland, Island and UK:)

Awesome man good luck, if you ever want any company just message me I’d love to join you for a leg or two

Awesome! I’ll do it! :D

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Atlantic Ocean would be a challenge for you

Nah you would go Goose Bay - Greenland - Reykjavik - Prestwick.

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Oh ok then

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Just so you know when you get to your most challenging leg, which will probably be Hawaii to the Mainland US, the shortest distance between those are Hilo (PHTO), and Monterey (KMRY), so I would recommend PHTO-KMRY for your longest leg to cross the Pacific

I crossed the Atlantic with the TBM from London to Montreal. Its great fun and you discover new places like Greenland or the Färöer Islands. Have fun with the world tour.

Nice topic im actually also doing a TBM around the World Series Starting in Atlanta my most recent flight took me to Narsarsuaq Greenland!

This seems very fun!

@Infinite_Flight_Sims and I are actually currently doing a similar thing (though with the Cessna 172), and it’s super rewarding!

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