Around the World in a TBM With @Dommo209

We already did that trip. But go ahead and fly it anyways! For each leg on weekdays, we will most likely depart between 2130Z and 2430Z. For weekends, we will be flying a lot throughout the day. We will likely take a few months to do this trip.

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Yeah, I saw you guys did that leg. I just departed KDCA, figured I would do it so I’m joining in where you guys are at.

And that sounds good to me!

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@zand3r you have been added to our PM so you can talk with us while flying.

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Attention all pilots who have planned to join us!
Today’s flight will also be cancelled, as I’m extremely busy with homework and other activities.

We are back with another flight! Here’s the info:
Aircraft: TBM-930
Fuel: 1178 lbs
Runways: Departing runway 19, landing runway 13
Server: Expert
Departure time: 2135Z
Altitude and speed: FL290, M 0.53
Please use Unicom wisely and be professional. Maintain at least 5 nm separation during all phases of flight to allow people to back taxi. Due to the lack of spawn spots at CYZV, only 10 may attend. After landing, vacate onto runway 23 and then turn left onto the taxiway. Taxi for a little and then park next to the taxiway. If you passed runway 23, back taxi runway 31 and vacate onto runway 23. Then follow the same procedures after vacating onto runway 23. As always, Dommo and I will takeoff first. Have fun!


Spawn in now if you haven’t already! We are starting up!

Another successful flight! Here are some screenshots:

Our third leg is about to start! Flight info:
Aircraft: TBM-930
Flight: CYZV-CCZ2
Runways: Departing runway 13, landing runway 11
Altitude and speed: FL290, M 0.53
Departure time: 2320Z
Flight time: 90 mins
NOTAMS: Only 3 others may join. Spawn on runway 13 (you can only spawn on the runway), and immediately turn right onto the taxiway and vacate. Park next to the taxiway, and wait for @Dommo209 and I to takeoff. Announce clear of all runways after vacating. Make sure that no one is on the runway before spawning in. After that, taxi out and takeoff. Use unicom correctly. Maintain at least 3 nm separation during all phases of flight. After landing, please use the brakes to slow down. Vacate at the end as quickly as possible. Park in the space of gravel next to the runway. Don’t take up a lot of space while parking. Make sure to use unicom correctly.
Have fun!

Another route today! Flight info:
Flight: CCZ2-BGBW
Aircraft: TBM-930
Server: Expert
Departure time: 1510Z
Click here for time conversions
Fuel: 1300 lbs
Runways: Departing runway 30, landing runway 07
NOTAMS: Dommo and I will takeoff first. Spawn at 1510Z and taxi out and hold short right after starting up. If someone is at the spawn spot, wait for them to clear the spawn spot before spawning in. Due to the lack of gates, only 2 of us can join. After touchdown, taxi to the end of the runway and vacate there (that is where the GA parking spots are). I recommend using little reverse and no brakes until the end. Maintain at least 5 NM separation during all phases of flight. Be professional and use unicom correctly. Have fun!

Spawn in now!

Nobody joined, but it was a beautiful flight nevertheless. We crossed the Atlantic!


Sorry that it’s been a while, we were very busy.
We are flying today again within 2 hours! More info will be posted shortly.

Our next leg will start at 1330Z (time converisons ) today!
Flight info:
Distance: 400 nm
FPL: Copy from me (my callsign is Airbus 737)
Flight time: 1:45
Server: Expert
Aircraft: TBM-930
Speed: 200 kts
Altitude: FL270
Fuel: 1243 lbs
Runways: Departing runway 29, landing runway 02
NOTAMS: Only 3 May join due to limited gates at both airports. Back taxi runway 29 to takeoff. Don’t enter if someone is on the runway. After landing, back taxi and exit on the gravel patch to the right. Park there. Maintain at least 4 nm spacing at all times during flight.
Have fun!

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