Around the World in a TBM-930

Good luck man! Keep us updated on your progress. I’ve never had the guts to do one of these myself… Haha.


Does anyone know the right way to cross the Pacific? I’d think it would be via the Bering Strait but I’m not sure. I’d rather cross via the South Pacific so I can explore South America.

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Nice shots man, good luck looking forward on how this turns out.

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The TBM doesn’t have the range to make it across the South Pacific I don’t think. The nearest islands to North/South America are Hawaii and Easter Island, both of which are about 5hrs in a jet.

Your best bet is to head north and stop in Anchorage, then Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in Russia (very scenic). From there it’s easy to get to East Asia.

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Alright, Thanks! I’ll take that route but I’ll be heading Eastbound

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Hi there, have a look here :

Oh Thanks! That was really helpful. Just out of interest, are all those Pacific Airports in IF?

I believe, yes. Totejegie is amazing!

Awesome! I’ll be sure to try it out!

I did it from Papeete, the sea is dull, but that airport is worth the boredom!

Very nice photos! Be carefull, there will probably people who are gonna say ‘10 shots max in a post’

Thanks for the heads up, I may have to only have 2 legs worth of photos at a time i guess.

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You can’t just go around the globe without a plan…

I know where to go until the Pacific

And I now have a full plan

Use that

Alright, I will. Thanks

Nice pics 😄👍🏽

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Wow, have fun with that! Nice pictures! :)

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Have fun👍✌️ Happy landings ✈️

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