Around the world in a Spitfire


Back in 2019, A worlds first was completed by a team of highly professional Spitfire enthusiasts. Their goal was to fly a fully refurbished and restored 1943 Spitfire around the world on a tour that would see most of Earth. The team called Silver Spitfire flew this spitfire named after its registration G-IRTY.

I will be recreating their flight exactly for the second time, i had done it exactly 1 week after they completed theirs back in 2019. This time i hope to add more realism with 3D airports and better graphics !!!

About Silver Spitfire

Here you will be able to find out all about their trip on their official website.

Below is a picture taken while G-IRTY and the team were in their USA stage of the expedition, the photo was taken from their support aircraft, a PC-12.

The team for all their support flew a PC-12 (OY-THP), this aircraft flew with the spitfire on every route leg and played a key role by being the aircraft that carried the Film Producer that captured all the Air 2 Air photos along the trip. Below is a picture of the support aircraft with G-IRTY on the ground.

My trip in Infinite Flight

This will be the second time completing the expedition and so wont be a first in Infinite Flight as my first time doing it was but i wanted to bring you all along for the trip and to show you how amazing the spitfire is in the sim !!

The team:

Spitfire Pilot

The pilot flying the Spitfire on this expedition is @Skyler.Cooper,
Skyler first started flying in Infinite Flight in 2016, since then they have flown a whole range of aircraft ranging from the Cessna 172 all the way to the C-17. They fell in love with the Spitfire just after they joined IFAE’s Global Air Forces which they have been a pilot for for 6 years. Since then Skyler has logged over 8000 hrs of flying time with 3000+ of those claimed in the Spitfire which qualifies them to be amongst some of the top Spitfire pilots in the IF skies today!!

Secondary and Support Pilot

The Pilot flying the TBM930 support aircraft and secondary Spitfire pilot is @Skyler_Cooper
Skyler 2.0 First started flying in Infinite Flight back in 2021, since then they have mostly flown General Aviation aircraft such as the TBM930 and privatly owned military aircraft. They also fell in love with the spitfire early on in there in their flying career after training in the XCub. Since then they have logged nearly 2000 hrs with around 600 of them being in the cockpit of the Spitfire which gives them plenty experience to be the secondary pilot for this journey. They will be incharge of all the support and media of this expedition.

The Aircraft:

The Spitfire being flown on this trip is the Supermarine Spitfire Mk.VIII (8) with the Markings of Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) ZP-Q named ‘Grey Nurse’ Reg number A58-614 representing the 614th assembled A58 Spitfire manufactured in Australia and flew under No.457 Sqn in World War Two. This aircraft has been in the hanger getting some refurbishment and a full maintanence check readying it for this long journey.

The support aircraft being flown on this expedition is the TBM930 registered N931IF, this aircraft is a 5 year old aircraft being manufactured in 2018 and belongs to IFLLC based out of the USA. It currently has 2500hrs logged in its history and has also undergone a full maintanence check prior to this trip.

The Route:

This trip covers the Northern hemisphere of the globe and will visit 73 airports in 24 countries. Here is a full in order list of each airport that this expedition will visit:

Chichester/Goodwood UK, Newcastle International UK, RAF Lossiemouth UK, Vagar Airport Faro Isles, Reykjavik Airport Iceland, Kulusuk Greenland, Kangerlussuaq Greenland, Iqaluit Canada, Kuujjuaq Canada, Shefferville Canada, Chilbougamau Chapais Canada, Ottowa Gatineau Canada, Hanscom Bedford USA, Caldwell Essex County USA, Beaver County USA, Bowling Green USA, Monroe Regional USA, Huntsville Regional USA, Comanche Ranch USA, El Paso International USA, Nellis AFB USA, Santa Monica Municipal USA, Van Nuys USA, Mojave Air & Space Port USA, Meadows Field USA, Santa Rosa Sanoma County USA, Madras Municipal S33 USA, Everett Paine Field USA, Kelowna International Canada, Williams Lake Regional Canada, North Peace Reg Canada, Fort Nelson Airport Canada, Watson Lake Regional Canada, Erik Nielson Int Canada, Fairbanks International Airport USA, Nome Airport USA, Anadyr Ugolny Airtport Russia, Severo - Evensk Russia, Magadan Sokol Airport Russia, Okhotsk Airport Russia, Nikolayevsk-on-Amur Airport Russia, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Airport Russia, Sapporo New Chitrose - Hokkaido Japan, Hanamaki Airport Japan, Nagoya Airfield (Toyoyama) Japan, Kagoshima Airport - Kirishima Japan, Naha Airport - Okinawa Japan, Taichung International Taiwan, Hong Kong International Hong Kong, Danang International Vietnam, Ubon Ratchathani Thailand, Don Mueang International Bangkok Thailand, Yangon International Myanmar (Burma), Mandalay International Myanmar (Burma), Kolkata International India, Nagpur International India, Jodhpur Airport India, Vallabhbhai Patel International India, Jinaah International Karachi Pakistan, Pasni Airport Pakistan, Gwadar International Pakistan, Al Bateen Executive UAE, Bahrain International Bahrain, Kuwait International Kuwait, KingHussein International Jordan, Marsa Mutruh International Egypt, Heaklion International Greece, Athens International Airport Greece, Pescara Abruzzo Airport Italy, Gino Allefri Airport - Padua Italy, Friedrichshafen Airport Germany, Leipzig Altenburg Airport Germany, Schönhagen Airport Germany, Lelystad Holland, Chichester/Goodwood UK

Due to the nature of this expedition, and constantly changing circumstances such as Weather holds, we are unable to publish exact dates and locations of arrivals or departures in advance

Follow Along

I would love for people to follow along this journey across the Infinite Flight Skies on Expert Server, i do ask that you respect the space around me and support aircraft but feel free to come up and fly along for any of the legs along this trip. I also ask that you dont come along in anything silly such as an A380 or airliner, Military or GA is perfectly fine Thank you.
I will be posting photos and updates all the time during the expedition.
If you wish to form up with me in the air the i ask that you message me either here on the IFC or you can tag me/DM on the Infinite Flight Official Discord Server !!

I plan to start the expedition on Tuesday 13th September.

This trip nor am i in anyway affiliated or connected to the real Silver Spitfire Team.

will join with a GA in one of the routes!

Good luck for your adventure!!


Looking forward to it !!
Keep an eye out here for when i am flying !!


sure thing!


Idk if I have the time to do all the flights but I’mma join some

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The First Leg from Goodwood - Newcastle is planned to depart at 0900z on Tuesday 13th September.

The TBM will take off first to come around and grab some pictures of me taking off and climbing out to begin this amazing journey !!

Hope to see some of you there !!


Skyler my Friend, this Journey is one among the wildest ones I have seen yet in my over 10 Years of Infinite Flight… I wish you best of luck, make sure to let me know when u approach Switzerland Airspace, it would be a huge honor and pleasure to escort you through Switzerland in the F18🫡


Leah darling, Thank you so much, it would be an absolute honour in return to have your company in the air over your home country !!
I will be sure to tag you and let you know when i am headed your way !!


Very nice i maybe join you on some of the legs with other heritage Aircraft 🫡


Would love that Bee !! just let me know :)


Our pilots are doing the final preparations and planning in the team briefing room ready for tomorrows start. Weather is looking very favourable for our early morning departure



WE are postponing all flight today and will carry on tomorrow. sorry for any inconveniences caused

This sounds fun. Enjoy your journey! Keep us posted.

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Wow o wow, that is a challenge, I might join you for your first leg, don’t know for sure if I can yet

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Our Support pilot was feeling quite unwell this morning but took the day to recover. We will now be departing for New Castle at 1530z


Leg 2 from Newcastle - Lossiemouth will begin at 1700z today
In this trip we will be flying directly over my house half along the trip !!

Both aircraft have made it safely to EGNT, they will now take a quick stop for refreshments and a tiny top up in fuel before carrying on the journey to Lossiemouth

Just flew over my house, we will now be going up past Balmoral to pay tribute to the Queens fav place to stay before we reach Lossiemouth

G’day mate !
Wish you a lot of luck for this great idea ! I’ll maybe join you if possible ;)
I already did a circumnavigation of the world in the TBM two years ago and it was really fun ! :)

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Thank you so much, i have done many circumnavigations in all aircraft in IF. this is the second time so just gonna have more fun then anything else

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