Around the world in a Citation [casual]!

So I am attempting an around the world trip with the citation x. Just departed on my first leg CYOW-EGHQ. This will not be in one flight but in several different flights. Callsign will be C51LSK

The stops will be
CYOW EGHQ HEOC VABB WIHH YPPH YBBN NFFN PHOG KLGB CYOW. The total distance will be more than the circumference of the earth!
I chose the stops according to the IRL range of just over 3000nm and not the dumb IF range.

Update: next leg EGHQ - HEOC


Have fun, enjoy Global! 😊


Amazing idea! I should try this soon

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I’ll see how this goes. IF citation does have a stupid like 5000nm range XD. Not using that though, just upto about 3000

I’ve done something like this once, except on expert and in one total flight 👍 but good luck and have fun

I just don’t want atc to ruin my day… Although cessna fuel is so broken it doesn’t matter

Good to see the Citation getting some love. Beautiful and fast aircraft.

If you’re planning to add pictures and video’s, I suggest you move this post to #screenshots-and-videos

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Great idea sounds fun also, I might give it a try also, enjoy it

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