Around the World in a Cessna 172-Westbound

Hello Community:

I have been inspired to do an around the world flight in a Cessna 172. I do not know my route except my first leg which is KLIT-KAUS. KLIT is my home airport and will be traveling Westbound around the world until I finally reach back home at KLIT. I will post each of my legs as the come about and fill free to join me on all or part of them. I just left KLIT as N5194F and on my way to KAUS.


I wish you your best of luck on your journey, Ryan. I’m sure that you will make it, good luck and safe skies!


Haha thanks. I will post any cool photos here as I will be going to uncharted territory when I get to Russia,Asia, and the Middle East.

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Yes, please make sure you share your journey with us. It should take you a few months, I know @Christoffer_Z just finished his impressive journey in the SkyHawk just recently. Took him what? 9 Months to finish up, it’ll take a while but I’m sure you can do it. Yours should take a bit longer as you’re going WB.


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I’m trying to do mine in a month…if that’s even possible. I’ll try and document all the cool things and make a long post after I finish it

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Better hope you get a lucky tailwind then.

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Or several legs a day

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Update #2:JUST left KSAT and headed for KROW as a refueling stop! Then hopefully on to Flagstaff(KFLG) and then to Big Bear(L35) for the night!

Update #3: Enroute from Rosewell(KROW) to Albuquerque (KABQ) due to the White Sands Missle Range being active. After that Flagstaff and then Big Bear!

Update #4. Made it to Big Bear (L35) for the night. Today’s adventures covered 9 hours of flight time and a total of 1047 miles. Here are some pictures:
(From last night after arriving at KSAT-

Today when flying:

–Shots range from cruise flight to descending into ABQ,FLG,L35 to parking pictures at L35,KABQ,KROW,KFLG. Hope you enjoy them.

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I live right next to white sands :p

Nice. I wanted to make it realistic so I had to go up to ABQ to get across to Flagstaff

Update #5: currently sitting on the ramp at KACV for the night. Only completed two of the schedule four legs due to my friends wanting to hangout. Looking to make-up the rest of them tomorrow and get back on schedule. Pictures from those flights will be added later!

Update #6: I have finally entered enemy (Russian) territory. Currently sitting at UHPK for the night!

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