Around the world in a 737

After a few days planning to see if it was actually possible to go completely around the world in only a 737 doing actual flights! Just today have I found my route starting from my home airport Baltimore/Washington (BWI) and back. Will be on Casual server.

Baltimore/Washington (KBWI)- Los Angeles (KLAX), Southwest 737-800

Los Angeles (KLAX)- Honolulu (PHNL) United 737-900

United Island hopper 737-800
Honolulu (PHNL)- Majuro (PKMJ)
Majuro (PKMJ)- Kwajalein (PKWA)
Kwajalein (PKWA)- Korsae (PTSA)
Korsae (PTSA)- Phonpei (PTPN)
Phonpei (PTPN)- Chuuck (PTKK)
Chuuck (PTKK)- Guam (PGUM)
Guam (PGUM)- Manila (RPLL)
End island hopper
Manila (RPLL)- Kuala Lumpur (WMKK) Malaysia 737-800

Kuala Lumpur (WMKK)- Mumbai (VABB) Malaysia 737-800

Mumbai (VABB)- Dubai (OMDB) Jet airways 737-900

Dubai (OMDB)- Moscow (UUEE) Aeroflot 737-800

Moscow (UUEE)- Amsterdam (EHAM) KLM 737-900

Amsterdam (EHAM)- Edinburgh (EGPH) KLM 737-900

Edinburgh (EGPH)- Providence (KPVD) Norwegian 737-800

Providence (KPVD)- Baltimore/Washington
Southwest 737-700

If anyone would like to join on any leg, you can PM me for more info. Thank you


Sounds good! Have fun!


Good luck on this trip!

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Nice route, have fun buddy

Have fun mate! You’ll enjoy it.

Nice route and have fun!

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