Around the world in a 737 @EGCC- 082100ZAUG19

Server: Training

Airport: EGNM

Date: *August 8th-August 14th!

Time: 2100Z

Aircraft: 737-800

Livery Jet2,British Airways,Qantas,American Airlines,Delta,United,Thai and Omanair

Spawn 10 mins before for a photo!
As the 737-800 flies for 8-10 hours the route will fly from EGNM-KORD-PHNL-YSSY-WSSS-VTBS-OMDB-EGNM
This event takes 6 Days and up to 70 hours cranking up our flying hours!
Most of the flights are over night or will land at night

Times: unpredicted and that is same with arrival!

Winds: check the weather or the app “windy” to find out

Aircraft information:
Flying at M.078 at 30-41,000ft

When arriving at an airport!
We land in the morning and if you want fuel up and get airborne for a bit and just practice landing!
Stop over time is from the time of arrival to that evening on an overnight flight or on a shorter flight stopover time is 40mins-1 hour because it is an in out job!
On a long haul flight stop over time is 2-10 hours!

Route information:
Fuel! Full tanks most of the way!
Passengers/Cargo To keep the weight low we will fly with some passengers but not a lot!
Flight Plan: To be added!
Departing and arriving runways for the first day!
Departing runway 05L-23R
Landing Runway 10C-28C

People on ATC will be doing ATC at all airports en-route so I don’t have to hire 4 ATC members for every airport and some might be taken!

ATC for Ground
ATC for Tower
ATC for Approach
ATC for Departure
(Manchester doesn’t have a departure frequency so we are using approach instead!)

Terminal 1!

Terminal 2!
Stand 201
Stand 202
Stand 203
Stand 204
Stand 205
Stand 206
Stand 207
Stand 208
Stand 209
Stand 210
Stand 211

Will add more gates if needed!
Doing a re-work on the gates sorry!
Not finished but you can still apply!
I will put you on a waiting list if you apply and will be put on the attending page ASAP

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