Around the world in 50 hours!

Hello everyone!!
I am flying around the world on the casual server (i am grade 3 but will be doing a lot of sleep during the flight so i wont be there if i have to respond to anything.)
In a few weeks i will be flying around the world! I take off in london, Fly to Singapore and than fly to Los Angeles. From there i direct back to london to finish it off! I will be streaming it all to youtube: And will not end the flight until i land in london for the second time. I dont want to sound needy but it would be really cool if i could get escorts when i land!! I have never been escorted before but i did escort skyhawk heavy few months ago! I follow mark for about an hour during FNF.

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Good Luck !! I might be able to escort you depending on the time of arrival :)

Very cool

I wish you the best of luck on your journey!

I wouldn’t reccomend streaming it. It will let your device heat up even more

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To add on to you @infiniteflight_schoo … maybe just stream it for the last few hours of the flight until you land. @Benslayer12

What kind of casket would you like?

Good luck bud, you can do it!

TBH this is definitely fine on expert or at least training. I’ve never had a mid flight incident of AP disengaging for any reason. Just cruise at a reasonable altitude so your N1 isn’t like over 90%, and have enough fuel. The only thing I extra thing I do on expert for overnights is to add an extra waypoint at the end of my flight away from any active ATC so that if I run out of fuel I don’t end up crashing inside ATC controlled area and get ghosted somehow.

K thx!! I will probably take off on Friday at 6/7EST in london. Call sign BENSLAYER12 and qantas728

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I can escort you in a Spitfire

Be advised that IF closed at close to 70 hours and most phones cannot take IF for that long.

I dont have time to fly for 70 hrs. I have school on Monday and will have to land / end at some point.

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