Around the World in 30 Days.

*If you’re a teary eyed person or have emotional feelings then I do not recommend you read this. Just a warning.

When I was 14 years old in 2014, I witnessed an amazing time in my life. My life was just on top of the world and I was always meeting new people. I finally thought I made it. One day, I was introduced to a young 17 year old pilot named Haris Suleman. Although I had only met him once, he inspired me and still inspires me to this day.

In July 2014 Haris and his father took off from my local airport in Greenwood, Indiana. Their goal was simple. Travel the world in 30 days and raise money for schools in Pakistan. In the end, they raised more than 4.1 million dollars. They traveled the world as father and son. exploring places people only wish they could dream of seeing. From the Pyramids in Egypt to the kids in Pakistan, they were steadily crossing the globe. It was almost over as they landed in the American Somoas. All they had left was a leg to Hawaii - California - Home. Unfortunately, they would never make it home. Soon after dusk fell on July 23rd, 17-year-old Haris Suleman and his father went down shortly after leaving Pago Pago in American Samoa

Now I wanted to share this to inspire everyone here as though you can do anything you wish to dream of. Whether it be a Garbage Man or a Multi Billionaire who changes the world, just know that no matter what you do, you are always helping others. Go out their and chase your piloting dreams because it won’t just happen by itself. The time and effort is just the extra step. It’s the motivation that you use to put the time and effort in to get you there. From what I realized after his death is that you can never make it. You have to keep fighting with life in order to achieve your dreams.

One last thing before I finish this off. Set a goal for yourself. If you don’t reach that goal that means you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough or doing what others say you can’t. I have one goal set already in my life. Finish Haris’s Journey.


That is very inspiring, thanks for telling us :)

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Very touching :)) Thank you for telling us this.