Around The World I

Hello, guys!

It’s been a while I was thinking about do an around the world flight. And now it’s the moment!

I’m planning the best airports, with the best scenarios, to provide amazing routes! By now, I’m recruiting peoples how want to join with me, in this big adventure! Totally will be 76 flights, passing through all continents. We are going to fly in the Daher TBM-930.

I will create a pilot handbook, and I’m totally open for peoples who wants to help me! I’m planning to do the first flight in September first, and the flights will be done 5 times per week, giving us two day off per week. Will be a pleasure to have a lot of pilots in this amazing adventure! Reply this thread if you would like to atende or even help me! I will send a message.

ATTENTION! The flights will be realized on the Expert Server, portante pilots who wants to attend must be a grader 3 or greater pilot.

Thanks for reading!


I’m actually planning the exact same thing! Have fun!

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