Around the World for Lufthansa Cargo

So i wanted to fly a special route.
A legendary but sadly historically Lufthansa Cargo Flight.
Back in the das LH used the MD-11F but sadly LH gave away all their MD-11F’s. So i decided to use a 777F which is the main Cargo Jet for LH.

So the flight is basically from Frankfurt to Frankfurt, but it has plenty of stops and crew changes.
Here is the flight plan:

  • [✓] FRA - ORD
  • [✓] ORD - HNL
  • [✓] HNL - AKL
  • [✓] AKL - MEL

LH8401 (callsign changes because all LH flights heading to Germany have a odd flight number)

  • [✓] MEL - PEN
  • [✓] PEN - LHE
  • [✓] LHE - SHJ
  • [✓] SHJ - FRA

As you can see, there is pretty much the whole world on this route.
The first part of the flight under the callsign 8400 and took about 28 hours. (After the landing in Melbourne i had to restart the game due to performance issues)

Let’s get a little more detailed;

I took off at FRA (RWY 25C) on Noon of Thursday, flew to Chicago and landed at O’Hares runway 10 with about 70 tons of Cargo.
After a quick refuel i took off again heading to HNL, but with just about 30 tons of cargo. Lufthansa isn’t allowed to fly new cargo in-between two American Airports.
At HNL i made a beautiful sunrise approach heading runway 4R.
Quick stop for fuel and take-off to New Zeeland. I overpassed the date-border and had a quite flight above the pacific at FL410.
At Auckland i landed in front of a 777-300ER from Air New Zeeland on runway 5R. Auckland had massive fog problems so the landing was performed using APPR Mode due to the fact you couldn’t see a thing.
At Auckland i loaded Cargo again and took off a little bit later heading to Australia.
The flight to Melbourne was the shortest of the whole project.
Landing on runway 27 i taxied to parking and re-started the app.

So now i’m changing my callsign and head back towards Germany via Malaysia, Pakistan and UAE.
I’ll update this topic after my landing at Frankfurt, and will ad some screenshots then.
Up until then, you can have a look into a documentary about this flight on youtube. Lufthansa Cargo - Rund um die Welt in 66 Stunden [DOKU] - YouTube

Have a nice Weekend


It looks like you’re writing all this stuff in the screenshot category. Maybe write it in the general category or in the live category. Not in the screenshot category. This is only when you post some screenshots of your flight that you have done. Thank you so much.

screenshots are up to come no worries, but i first have to finish the second part of the journey

After a ittle delay i deliver my photos from the trip

Take-Off at Frankfurt

Approaching Chicago

Landing at Chicagos O’Hare Airport

After a quick cargo unload i took of towards HNL

Passing the West Coast towards HNL

Arriving at Hawaii

Short Final towards Runway 4R

enough of Hawaii, lets head to New Zeeland

Approaching Auckland

Landing at Runway 5R, sadly you cant see the heavy fog in the screenshot

Takeoff at Auckland and heading into the two most beautiful parts of the journey

Leaving the coast of New Zeeland behind

Landing at Melbourne

Departing Melbourne

Passing the Outback

And flying by the beautiful Lake Amadeus at FL370

Leaving Australia

Taking off from Penang

Arriving at Lahore, in the middle of Pakistan

Arriving at Sharjah International Airport outside of Dubai

Departing Sharjah and passing by the Coast of the Persian Gulf

My trip comes to an End as i start my descent into Frankfurt

Final at Runway 25R

So that’s it, thanks for tuning in and i hope you enjoy the little picture recap of my flight around the world


Beautiful photos!

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