Hi all IF pilots.

Zak here. I’m starting my around the world in a Cessna 172 today, non-stop, I’ll be flying to 3D airports, and other destinations flying over scenic places. I will be using the callsign OK-ZAK. So if no light aircraft are allowed at your 3D airport at the time I’m coming on the expert server, please give me a one off. Feel free to join me, I will keep you guys updated.

Many thanks,

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Taking off from EGKK, within 10 minutes, off to Keflavik, Iceland via the 3D airports in the UK. Join me if you want! I’m on the expert server, flying OK-ZAK

What is your current location I will join now

Found you!! @Zak_Martin

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Making good progress with a 14kt tailwind, i’d much prefer that instead of a headwind!

That’s me, inbound to Manchester now, another 6.5 hours i’ll be Keflavik :)

Yeah I was the 172 trying tii ok catch up to you

How far from Manchester are you??

Oh haha, i think theres a delay in the messages being approved 🙂.
I’m up over Scotland now just approaching the Isle of Colonsay with an airport EGEY.
Further along route is Tiree (EGPU).
I am on the Expert Server, feel free anyone to join me on my first leg around the world. Another 5 hours until landing, got an Endurance of 5.5 hours, so just in
Edit: I no longer need approval, that’s good news. Thanks infinite flight.

I’m continuing my around the world flight on the 19th, from Keflavik.
I haven’t decided were it will be to yet.
I will keep you guys updated.

I’m working on LA to London in a 172 rn.

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Change of plans.

I am preparing to fly around the world.
I have already made it to Keflavik.
Then did a flight from EGKK to EGLL.
I plan on commencing my flight around the world soon. I am thinking of changing my mind and doing it in an A220, let me know what you guys think?
Let me know below:

  • A220
  • C172

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